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Four Days

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Four Days

Doc is changing into uniform, and in his pocket he finds Tanya's nametag from the restaurant. He looks at it. How, you may ask? Pensively. Very pensively. Kim interrupts as Doc flashes back to Tanya's bloody encounter with him. Kim says they think the cops found the suspects and they need assistance. They go.

In the ambulance, Doc asks about Jimmy. He's fine, Kim says, but pushing himself too hard to recover. They talk about the teacher. Doc says, "She gave her life ordering a cheeseburger." Kim notes that it's a pretty cold thing to say. Doc doesn't care. It's his world now. That teacher was just a field mouse trying to get a piece of cheese. Doc goes on a tirade about how they're making too big a deal out of the teacher. Kim says there's no mention of race in the newspaper. Kim gives Doc a blank look. Kim, don't worry. It's his world.

They arrive. Ty complains that having paramedics around during a raid seems like bad luck. Doc plays it cool and just stands by the closed door of the ambulance. "If I thought anything was gonna happen, I'd be getting my stuff ready." Cops run off. Lots of quick NYPD Blue-style shots. Now Doc and Kim prepare, getting their stuff together. Waiting...then gunshots erupt. Officers down. Doc and Kim start running with their stretcher. In slow motion. Run, run, run. Slow. Then, suddenly, regular motion. They enter the building and start treating two cops who are down. One of the cops is black. Hey, why isn't Doc having a pensive moment and getting fixated on him? Doc spots two more shot men (non-cops) in another room. He goes to help them, but a police officer stops him and says to just worry about the police officers. Doc suddenly flashes back to his L'il Doc days. The black paramedic hands him a small oxygen tank while the relative still lies on a stretcher. L'il Doc is like, "I know my relative may be dying here, but, COOOL!" Doc returns to the present day and turns back to help the officers.

At the hospital, Doc drinks bad coffee and spits it back into his Sweet 'n Low coffee cup. Morales walks in and says the cops will be fine. All three shooters were DOA. Morales asks if the cops executed them. "I wasn't there," Doc says. She asks if it looked like an execution. Sully walks in and asks Doc if he remembers "Puppet" from last season. Yeah, his real name was Nathaniel Ryder. (No relation to Winona, we can assume.) Puppet was a gang-banger who got his brother killed. Apparently, Puppet got away from the scene. Doc offers to help Sully by going through his run sheets for an address. Morales looks upset that Doc is helping the cops.

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