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Four Days

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Four Days

Omar: Um, I meant about Doc and Morales getting busted by the cops.
Johnnie Cochran: Hmmm? That's bad too. We have a saying: if you get thrown on the hood of your car, a juicy settlement is not very far.

Next day, "WEDNESDAY," Doc is running again, but this time he's got his headphones hanging from his neck and he looks more panicked than healthy. A cop car rolls by in slow motion and, in a shot lifted right out of Do the Right Thing, the police give Doc the eye as they pass. Doc is angry. He throws his bagels against the side of an SUV. Yeah, if I had a blunt object, I'd throw it at every SUV I could find. Did you know I got rear-ended by an SUV late last year? And then the guy, who had personalized license plates, took off! You believe that crap?

Johnnie Cochran: Um, Omar, why don't you get back to the recap?
Omar: Sorry, Johnnie. Man, where were you back then when I needed you?

So anyway, at the station, Doc watches Hayley outside reporting on mass arrests in the neighborhood and growing public support for Puppet, the suspect that got away. Doc look on uncomfortably as people outside are getting restless. Carlos walks in, and Doc impatiently tells him that they have jobs waiting. Ty shows up and says he's checking to see if Doc's all right. Doc regards him angrily. Ty says it's not too smart to get involved in the middle of an arrest. Doc asks Ty if he sees what's going on outside. "We're coming down on bad guys," Ty says. "You're coming down on black guys," says Doc. Ty keeps his cool. Doc gets angrier and asks if they're gonna beat every black guy until there's no more crime. "You of all people," Doc begins, and Ty finally interrupts him and says he doesn't want to be lectured. Ty wisely makes to leave, and Doc yells out that Ty should keep his uniform on because that's his "'leave this nigger alone' pass." Wow. Ty exits, and Doc seethes.

In the ambulance, Carlos asks what happened. Doc, we can now see, has some scratches on the side of his face. Carlos wants to know if he interfered with an arrest. Doc says he was thrown on the ground. "What did you do?" Carlos asks. Doc explains, and Carlos says that Doc should have known that would get him slammed. "What world did you grow up in?" Carlos asks. My cat yells out, "Bizarro World-World-World!" from the next room. Johnnie Cochran looks annoyed. Doc says he doesn't want to live in a world like that. Doc asks Carlos if he thinks the cops were right. "No," Carlos says, "I think they were consistent." Wow, that's some good dialogue. Why waste it on Carlos?

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