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Four Days

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Four Days

Carlos and Doc stop to find Bosco standing over a black guy and yelling. As they arrive, Yokas explains that the guy got hit by a car as he was running from Bosco. "Another dangerous suspect," Doc mutters. Doc is getting increasingly militant. He's got a black beret stashed in the back of the ambulance, and he's not afraid to put it on. Doc brushes Bosco aside and examines the guy. He has a bloody broken ankle. Doc asks Bosco to remove the handcuffs since the guy's not going anywhere. Bosco, who is still hovering, refuses. Doc finally convinces Bosco to walk away. "All of a sudden I'm supposed to cry a river for this junkie?" Bosco asks. Doc hops up and tackles Bosco from behind. I want to cheer, but this is the one instance in Third Watch history where somebody else besides Bosco is more wrong. Doc and Bosco struggle, and then they're pulled apart. "Why don't you pick on this monkey!" Doc yells, "I'm not seventeen and afraid!" Apparently, Doc thought Bosco called the guy a "monkey." Carlos clarifies: it was "junkie." Bosco says, "You've got issues, man," and walks away. For once, Bosco's last word is correct.

Back in the ambulance: Carlos is going on and on about a mistake he caught on a test the day before. Doc stares at the road blankly, and we see things from his point of view, a conceit used often in this episode. Carlos concludes with, "At least today can't get any worse." Doc reminds him that today he has to apologize to Bosco. Oooh, that is a bad day.

Doc and Carlos arrive at a protest scene. The neighborhood is up in arms and the police are in riot gear. Kim and Bobby are talking about it. Doc walks away. A girl in a "#27" yellow cutoff jersey calls out to Doc. He lets her through the barricade. She says her boyfriend is hurt and needs help. She says the boyfriend knows Doc. She won't say who it is. But the girl does give the address. Doc calls Carlos and tells him to call in an unknown incident at that address. Doc and Carlos go to the apartments. Doc spots the apartment door, which police had already smashed in. "What the Hell is going on?" Carlos asks, clearly not putting the pieces together. Upstairs, Doc finds the injured guy. It's Puppet, suffering from acute gunshot-wound-itis. "I didn't shoot no one at no restaurant." A triple-negative. Impressive. "Please, you gotta help me," Puppet says. Commercial time.

Back with Puppet. He says he appreciates Doc's help in the past, and wasn't involved in the murders. Carlos walks away to call the police. Doc stops him. He says if they call it in, Puppet won't make it out of the building alive. Carlos is reluctant, but can't help but agree. Doc starts to treat Puppet. He says that he has to go to the hospital. Puppet and his girlfriend both resist. Doc says if he doesn't go, he'll bleed to death. In the ambulance, with the lights off, Puppet lays still. Doc calls Hayley to give her a scoop on his story. Then he calls Morales to let her know he's coming. She asks why he isn't calling the proper people for the situation. He finally has to tell her he hasn't called the police. Morales is conflicted. Doc pleads for her help. She doesn't say yes or no. Doc tells Carlos to go around the side of the hospital if Carlos sees any squad cars. "I hope you know what you're doing," Carlos says, consulting his book of clandestine-situation movie clichés.

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