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Four Days

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Four Days

They arrive at the hospital and are immediately surrounded by police. Puppet freaks out. He whips out a gun from the rear of his pants, and immediately Bosco and Ty and the rest are on him, disarming Puppet as he yells at Doc. Hayley is there reporting as Bosco drags the guy from his stretcher and throws him onto the pavement. Morales is trying to help, but Bosco is pushing her away. Doc emerges with the gun from the ambulance, and he looks sad and defeated. Bosco stands Puppet up and walks him into the hospital. Hayley turns to Doc and identifies him as the man who turned Puppet over to the police. Whoops. Hayley tries to talk to him, but Doc walks.

Inside the hospital, Doc is watching himself on the TV news. Yeah, never trust a reporter, Doc. They're bad news. (Especially the TV ones.) Morales walks in and they fight. "You called the cops," he says. "Damn right," she answers. She brings up the other night and says that this time he jeopardized everyone at the hospital. Doc says he wanted witnesses, so he called the TV news. "You are so arrogant," Morales says. "You are a paramedic. That's it." Memo from Earth to Doc: get back down here. Doc says she doesn't know these people or the neighborhood. Morales reaches into her bag of retort and pulls out a doozy. She grew up poor in a neighborhood like this, so she knows it better than he ever will. Yep. Game, set, match goes to Morales. Doc calms down. "I don't know what I'm doing anymore," he says quietly. Morales melts. They hug.

Doc walks out and earns sour looks from Ty, Bosco, Sully, and even Yokas. He walks off.

At the station, Carlos isn't even mad. He says he's getting used to Doc's way of working. Kim says that, on the news, they're being made out to be heroes. Kim and Doc argue about what happened. Bobby, who has been missing most of this season, says that like it or not, they need the cops and this makes it harder to work with them.

Later, in the ambulance, Doc tells Carlos that he kept Tanya's badge. He's catching a train at the fixation station. Carlos and Doc arrive at the scene of a call. Carlos goes on and on about the reporter and her lack of attention to him. As they walk into a dark area, people start yelling at Doc, calling him "sellout nigger." They are soon surrounded by people who are angry that he turned Puppet over to the police. Doc and Carlos retreat (I can hear Monty Python yelling, "Run Away!") and book it back to the ambulance. Carlos calls in the incident to the police. On the way back, Doc is pegged in the face by a bottle. The ambulance is surrounded by angry people. Carlos says, "Damn, I dropped the keys outside!" Carlos and Sully both. So they just sit there and wait for police backup as people yell and rock the ambulance. Doc looks sad. Oh, and pensive.

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Third Watch




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