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Hell Is What You Make Of It

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Hell Is What You Make Of It

Okay, first off, I should confess that I didn't get to see the first few minutes of the show. My VCR decided that it wanted to record without sound, and while my husband was working on getting sound, he felt the need to put the TV on a station other than NBC. So, with that taken care of, on with the recap.

The show starts off (well, for me, anyway) with Kim and Bobby going into someone's backyard and there are a bunch of Jewish kids praying out loud in Hebrew. Bobby jumps into the pool to take a kid out of the water, and the kid isn't breathing, and they try to do CPR on him but it isn't working, so they use a defibrillator on him. ZAP!

Ty and Sullivan in their car. For some reason Ty is in a really good mood -- maybe his mommy made him pancakes that morning -- and he is whistling and telling Sullivan that he thinks it will be a good day, and Sullivan tells him that Mondays always suck. Ty tells him that it is all mental attitude, and the day is what you make of it, yadda yadda yadda. I take it back -- maybe he got laid over the weekend, because pancakes alone don't put someone in that good a mood. So they get a call from dispatch, and right away they get backed up with calls, from numerous family disturbances to a woman stuck in a tub to someone calling about a strange odor in her building.

Cut to commercial, and my husband finally gets the VCR to work, so from now on I can record and re-watch the show and take decent notes.

Bosco and Yokas walk into the precinct to find flowers waiting for Bosco, with a card that says, "Dearest Maurice, Thanks for the special night. Lance." And all the cops have a hearty laugh, and Bosco says Doherty sent him the flowers because he took Doherty's parking space the day before. What is the deal with these guys pulling practical jokes on each other by accusing them of being gay? Do they have absolutely no originality or imagination? Calling a guy a "homo" is the only thing they can think of when they want to make fun of someone? Come on -- there are tons of movies the writers can steal from -- Porky's, and Animal House,just to name two. Elementary school kids could think of better pranks.

So Ty and Sullivan go to the apartment building to check out the smell. As Ty is telling Sullivan how sunlight and exercise affect your mood, Sullivan tells him to always look up when getting out of their car at an apartment building, because people throw things at them from the windows, and he also warns him not to go into the elevator, because things get dropped onto it. And as they walk up the stairs, Ty slips and falls on his face, and Sullivan explains to him that the drug dealers put bacon grease on the stairs so the cops would have a harder time chasing them. Maybe the guys at the fire department should get some tips from the drug dealers on pranks, because watching Ty fall was pretty funny. So a woman meets them in the hall and opens up the door to an apartment where the smell is coming from, and the stench pretty much slaps them in the face when the door opens, and the woman runs down the hall all disgusted, kind of like the time my dog Clint laid a silent-but-deadly fart in the bedroom, and when I walked into the bedroom I walked straight into the fart, and I was totally grossed out and ran away. So Ty and Sullivan start walking around the apartment looking for the source of the stench, and Ty opens up a door and walks in, and he sees a dead guy all decomposing and a gazillion flies buzzing all around and Ty start retching and runs out of the apartment. Ew! That would definitely ruin my Monday.

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