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Hell Is What You Make Of It

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Hell Is What You Make Of It

Ty and Sullivan in the waiting room of the ER; a man comes in and thinks his daughter fell off her bike. The daughter-fell-off-the-bike story was really a trap that Ty and Sullivan came up with to get the guy who raped his stepdaughter to come down to the ER, but when they try to question him about her, the guy tells them that the girl makes up stuff, and says that she's a lying bitch. At this point, Ty decides he is going to make a difference and "get involved," so he starts beating the crap out of the guy. Right there in the waiting room of the ER. In front of everyone. Can you say "lawsuit"?! We'll see you in court, Ty!

Bobby goes up to Kim at the station and tells her that Sunny was waiting for him outside and returned Kim's wallet with all the money. Aw, what a sweet guy! But only making $30,000 a year, how could he possibly afford to be putting money in other people's wallets?

Outside the station at the barbecue, the firemen see their cars getting towed. Bosco and Yokas and a bunch of cops stand outside watching. Bosco tells Doherty that they are illegally parked; even though that's where they always park, it's still illegal. Doherty asks for a truce; Bosco says no. Then he sniffs the air and says pointedly that something smells good, and Yokas chimes in by saying that it smells like meat and someone must be barbecueing. Ha ha. Oh, those crazy cops, threatening to tow cars if they don't get to be part of the because! Whatever. If eating free meat is that important to you, go nuts, but I have to say that I am really bothered by the number of times the word "meat" was spoken in the past hour.

Ty is outside by their car with an ice pack on his hand. He asks Sullivan if he is going to get fired. Sullivan tells him he won't, since he beat up a pedophile, and that he himself isn't mad at Ty for beating the guy up. Why would Sullivan get mad? He didn't mind when Ty let that psycho shooter get away, so why should he care that he beat the snot out of some guy in public while on duty? Sullivan then tells Ty that he still cares about all the people, but he has to put his energy into things he knows he can change. It takes a lot of energy to keep from walking in dead guy, I guess.

Doc is visiting Jerry in the hospital, and Jerry's wife is there. Doc tells her about the woman who came to visit him and the preemie baby. Jerry's wife asks Doc how he's doing, and he tells her he couldn't get out of the ambulance to help a shooting victim. She says, "Good for you!" and tells him that he goes out there unarmed and with kids out there shooting each other, and it isn't worth it for $40,000 a year and crappy benefits. Yokas and Bobby have a $10,000 pay hike to look forward to once they put in about ten or fifteen more years, I guess, since they already told us that they only make $30,000. And why do the writers insist on telling us how much these people supposedly make in a year? Then Jerry's wife asks him if he misses Deborah (his wife), and he says he does, and she tells him she misses Deborah too. And I miss the hour I just lost watching this.

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