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Hell Is What You Make Of It

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Hell Is What You Make Of It

Bosco and Yokas in a nice apartment building. Bosco is thinking of ways to get revenge on Doherty. At least none of his ideas involves inferring that someone is gay. They arrive the apartment, and a man is standing on the ledge of the veranda and his mother is pleading with Bosco and Yokas to get him down. Bosco goes out and asks the guy what's wrong, and the guy tells Bosco that his boyfriend broke up with him. Of course, once he hears that, Bosco doesn't want to try to help the guy, but Yokas tells him not to act like an asshole (actually, all we heard was "ass," and then the "hole" part got cut off, but I could see her mouthing it, and it was totally obvious that she said the entire word). Bosco sucks it up and tells the guy that he can relate, that he probably feels like he won't find anyone else. Bosco then tells him he is a good looking guy and that he will find someone else in no time. So at this point I think that Bosco may have a heart somewhere inside him, because last week he treated Rick the retarded guy really nicely, and now he is being cool with the gay guy on the ledge. The guy on the ledge decides he doesn't want to die after all and takes Bosco's hand to come inside, but as he is turning around to climb off the ledge, he slips and falls, and Bosco has him by just his jacket sleeve. Yokas rushes over to help, but all they can grab onto is his jacket, and the guy slips out of the jacket and falls to his death. And what does Bosco have to say? "Oops!" That's it. What a freakin' asshole. Forget what I said about his having a heart.

Carlos and Doc in the ambulance (or, as Doc calls it, the "bus"), still arguing about giving the little girl an epi. Carlos says she needs it, but Doc says that she's scared and needs to be calmed down first. Then, Carlos comes back with "I don't appreciate you pimping me all the time." "Pimping"? Funny, but I didn't realize that dealing sexual favors for money helped save lives. Doc informs Carlos that he is Carlos's training officer, and Carlos responds with "I'm not some new jack" and talks about spending four years as a corpsman in the Marines. Is that where he learned all that bizarre language? It's a good thing there are only a few Marines; otherwise, we'd have a big language gap between the Corpsmen and the civilians in this country. Doc gets just as annoyed with all of Carlos's uppity gibberish, and he just goes off on Carlos about how to take care of child patients, and adds that, since it's "[his] bus," they do things his way. Doc shuts him up but good and Carlos has nothing freakish to say after that.

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