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Hell Is What You Make Of It

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Hell Is What You Make Of It

The fire is taken care of at the restaurant, and the owner gives Doherty two big boxes of meat for saving his business. Bosco and Yokas think that they should get some meat too because they were the first on the scene and got the furniture out. Doherty tells them that all they did was direct traffic, and announces that they are going to have a big barbecue. I've never seen a man get so upset over not getting any meat. That's all I have to say about that.

Carlos and Doc answer a call that someone got shot. Cut to a guy lying in the street bleeding, with some other guys standing around him holding baseball bats. Doc won't get out of the car until the police come. Some guy comes over and starts yelling at them to get out of the ambulance and help the guy, and then he smashes the windshield with his bat. Yeah, that'll motivate people to run right out and help. Doc puts the bus in reverse and hangs out at the end of the street to wait for the cops. Carlos is all peeved because they didn't get out and help the bleeding guy. Sure Carlos, go on and get your head beaten with a baseball bat -- maybe it will knock some normal vocabulary into you.

Kim and Bobby walking out of some random building to go back to their ambulance. Kim bitches about her wallet getting lifted and having no money for her kid. She then tells Bobby that they have to go pick up her son from school because her mother is out and she has no one to take care of him. Um, okay.

Doherty is in the firetruck (hey -- where's Mantooth? Doesn't the dog go with the truck?) at a stoplight. A limo pulls up next to the truck and a girl pops up out of the moon roof, and she and Doherty start flirting. Apparently, there's a group of girls in the limo going to a bachelorette party. Doherty pops a boner and invites them to his barbecue. Yeah, Doherty, they can drive around in a limo and party all night -- why wouldn't they want to stop at a fire station and eat your seared meat?

Doc and Carlos somewhere. Doc tells Carlos that after they switch buses they should get something to eat. Carlos isn't talking, so Doc says, "If you've got something to say, say it." Doc, if he isn't talking, why would you think he has something to say? And if he did have something to say, would you understand a word out of his mouth? Anyway, Carlos tells Doc that it annoys him that they take people with the flu to the hospital, but watch shooting victims bleed. Doc tells Carlos that the sick woman was dirt-poor and had no way of getting to a doctor. Carlos tells him that they aren't a taxi service, that they have different styles, and that they need to figure out how to work together as partners. Doc informs Carlos that Carlos is only keeping the seat warm until Jerry comes back. Ouch! That hurts. I think at this point Carlos wishes he could go back into the Marines and talk funny with everyone.

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