Third Watch
Hell Is What You Make Of It

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Hell Is What You Make Of It

Bosco and Yokas drive up to the fire station. For some bizarre reason, it looks like it had been raining around the station and precinct, but every other location in New York had sunny weather. I guess if the producers of this show can't make their writing original, they'll make the weather original. Bosco walks over to Doherty and tells him that he got the parking spot, Doherty got him with the flowers, that makes them even. Bosco points out that he got to the fire first and got the furniture out, and he asks Doherty to "do the right thing and hand over some beef." Let me get this straight -- Bosco is afraid that what Doherty did would make him seem gay, but he doesn't mind pitching a fit over, um, meat? Dude, it's only beef. You can find it all over town in places called "grocery stores." So Doherty says no, and Bosco starts walking away and the firemen start singing, "Boom-sha-sha-boom!" as though Bosco is walking all swishy or something. Hey, don't make fun of Bosco because of the way he walks. Make fun of him because he is obsessed with your meat. So Yokas asks, "So now what?" and Bosco comes up with, "I have no idea." Maybe Bosco should pound on something -- that would make him look very hetero.

Ty and Sullivan at what looks like a bar and restaurant, at the buffet. Sullivan is piling the food onto his plate, but Ty has totally lost his appetite, and he only takes a roll. Maybe I should buy a pair of shoes with dead guy on them so I can lose my appetite too and drop some weight -- I could even market them! I'd make millions! As the two of them look for a table, they spot Doc and Carlos eating at the bar. Sullivan tells Doc to grab a seat, and they go sit at a table with two other uniformed guys, leaving Ty and Carlos to go find another table for themselves, an arrangement which Carlos calls the "kiddie table." Well, when you don't listen to your elders and whine like a baby, what do you expect? So Carlos asks what that foul smell is, and Ty tells him he stepped in dead guy, and then the two of them commiserate about their day and how the older guys just don't care. Ironically, I don't really care either.

Kim at the station, on the phone with her credit card company reporting her stolen card, and her mother walks in. She just had drinks with a new boyfriend. Kim's mom looks about five years older than Kim. Maybe her mom was easy like Sunday morning too. So her mom is telling Kim about what a great catch Bobby is, and Kim tells her that Bobby is too passive and she wants someone she can have a good fight with. Hell, Kim -- you got into a great fight with him last week when you dissed his mother, so just keep ragging on her and you'll have a perfect relationship!

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