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History Of The World

This is a random scene of a kid who gets lost at the Thanksgiving Parade, and she won't speak because she's scared, and Bosco is trying to get her to talk and is getting all impatient, and people from the parade think he is being mean. Then out of nowhere the girl gives her name and her address. Whatever.

Bobby and Kim are in the station, and Kim is bitching that people with kids should automatically have the day off. Bobby is thinking the same thing I'm thinking and says, "Why do people with kids think they are the only ones who count?" which actually shuts up Kim for a second. Maybe instead of getting all worked up about Thanksgiving, she should make sure that she has Christmas off, because Joey is definitely going to care a load more about Christmas than Thanksgiving. Jimmy comes in to pick some stuff up and then he and a friend are going to Atlantic City. Kim pitches a hissy about Jimmy spending time with his son. I guess he forgot all about the conversation he had with that kid in the tree four days earlier.

Sully is on a pay phone, and Ty is in the car honking the horn. Sully comes back to the car and asks if they got a call. Ty just didn't feel like sitting around while Sully talked to his sister in Florida. Apparently, the only family that matters to Ty is his own family. Watch out, Ty, because Sully might become a member of your family! So Sully starts to drive away, but he realizes he forgot to tell his sister something, so he starts to back up back into the parking spot, and he sees a guy named Cutler that was mentioned during Roll Call. Ty gets out of the car and runs after him, and Sully follows in the car. They follow him into an apartment building and run up a few flights of stairs. The guy runs into an apartment. The door opens slightly and someone from inside points a gun and shoots at them. After getting an old man out of the hallway and into his apartment, they bust into the shooter's apartment and find two men in there. They get the gun and cuff the men. Cutler tells them the other guy shot at them, and the other guy denies it.

Woo hoo. Gold-plated Pokémon cards at Burger King. I'll bet you in five years no one will even remember what Pokémon is.

Sully is putting Cutler in jail. Cutler, meanwhile, is denying shooting at the cops. Sully tells the captain that Cutler shot five rounds at them, and the captain tells him that both men are accusing each other of the shooting. Sully says he knows it was Cutler. Ty looks all sheepish for some reason.

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