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History Of The World

Bobby and Kim are at an apartment. There is a college-aged guy having a diabetic fit. He throws Bobby against a wall. Bobby asks the guy's parents if he has eaten lately. The parents tell him their son hasn't eaten lately because he is trying to drop a weight class. I'm guessing that the guy is on the wrestling team in college. Who says college girls are the only ones with eating problems? So Bobby finally gets the guy pinned down, which I'm sure is difficult seeing as how the guy is on the wrestling team, and Kim injects insulin into the guy. The guy finally calms down, and then passes out and is in arrest. They get out the paddles and shock him twice, and the guy comes back to life. Huzzah! Now he can celebrate Thanksgiving by not eating anything!

Phillip Morris is sponsoring some program to stop underage smoking. How much do you want to bet that PM is sponsoring more programs to get people to try smoking once they turn eighteen? What a bullshit commercial. Whatever!

Sully and Ty are out. Sully is getting off a pay phone again, and he tells Ty that he was talking to a DA who wants them to give statements. Ty says he isn't going to tell them anything because he didn't see anything, and he isn't going to lie. Sully asks Ty if he thinks that's what Sully is doing. Ty says he didn't see who was shooting and he isn't going to link someone to a murder if he doesn't know for sure that that person fired the shots. Sully tells him he thinks Cutler deserves to be put away anyway because he has such a long rap sheet. I guess Sully couldn't solve Cutler's problems, because as we've heard, he is out there to solve problems.

Bosco is going into a restaurant where a guy is yelling at his family sitting around a table. The family is eating and ignoring the guy. Bosco tells the guy that if he has a problem they can go outside and talk about it. The guy tells him that he has five problems and points out his family. His mother is all, "Everyone's a problem except you, Lenny, is that it?" like she is being put out by all of this. Lenny's father tells him that he told the restaurant to call the cops on him. Bosco asks that Lenny and his family leave, and the family thinks that if a stranger was bothering them that Bosco wouldn't ask them to leave. Man, what a harsh family. I wonder what Lenny did that was so horrible that they are just freezing him out. Bosco can't believe the family either, and tries to get Lenny to leave. Lenny pulls out a gun, and his brother says that Lenny's gun is the smallest he has ever seen, and the rest of the family laughs. What a psycho family! Lenny tells everyone in the restaurant to leave, except Bosco, his family, and a waiter, and then gets his mother to get Bosco's gun and give it to him.

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