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History Of The World

Matt walks into the station and asks a guy where Bobby is. Hey, the guy is sitting with Mantooth! Hey, buddy -- we missed you! Unfortunately, we don't see any more of the great dog, and Matt goes to find Bobby, who is lifting weights. Bobby tells Matt that since "the guys" were watching football games he thought Matt would like to hang out there. Matt figures out that his mom doesn't want him around for Thanksgiving, and he leaves. Doc comes in to help Kim with some cooking. Carlos is sitting at the kitchen table studying something -- I hope it's a driving manual. Kim asks Carlos what he did for Thanksgiving as a child. Instead of giving Kim a straight answer, he tells her that he had six foster homes. He then asks Doc if he remembers what the old lady said about having four daughters in New Jersey and they don't want her around for the holidays. Doc is all, "Oh, is that what she said? 'Cause, you know, I didn't understand the language." Score one more for Doc.

Ty and Sully at the precinct. Sully gets called into the office to give his statement to the DA. Ty looks pensive.

Fred is playing with Stanley's son. Stanley tells him to not be so rough. Fred slurs out something about Stanley being rich, and the son looks at his mom and uses some really terrible child-acting technique to say, "Mom, I think he's drunk." Like any kid would actually say that. A real kid would say, "Hey, Uncle Fred, are you drunk or something?" instead of looking all worried and going to Mommy. The mother takes her son to another room, and Stanley says he thinks Fred is drunk too, and he gives Fred the stink-eye and goes into the kitchen. Fred goes to his bedroom. Yokas tells Stanley she can't believe them. Stanley doesn't think he did anything, and Yokas tells him that he provokes Fred with the expensive wine and talking down about the neighborhood that they grew up in. After some more pissy banter, Stanley basically admits that he thinks he is better than them. She tells him to leave and not come back. With family like the ones in this show, who needs enemies?

From inside the restaurant, police sirens are heard, and Bosco tells Lenny that the police are ready to come in and arrest him. Lenny's family is provoking him by making fun of his failed business attempts. Bosco tells them that when they get out of the restaurant, he is going to book them for inciting a riot. Too bad there wasn't a big trash can he could throw on them like he did to that guy last week. The waiter tries to grab Lenny's gun, and Lenny turns around and shoots the waiter in the leg. Bosco helps the waiter.

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