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Mama...Just killed a man...

Outside at night, Carlos, Bobby and Kim are walking together for no reason other than to have an inane conversation about holiday shopping. Bobby and Kim seem to think it's funny that people shop at outlets and that Bobby's mom clips coupons. Hey, I clip coupons! Carlos pipes in that the outlets have good prices on irregular items. Kim makes fun of him. All of a sudden, Carlos and I are united in our hatred of Kim. Doc walks up behind them and Carlos points out that Beverly has just pulled up in her car. He gives Doc the old "Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink" and tells him not to do anything he wouldn't do. What exactly, Carlos, would that be? Setting fire to a school while reading the Bible, maybe?

Beverly suspects, correctly, that Doc was never going to call her. Doc again says he'll call and that he'll look for her number. Liar. Beverly asks if Doc likes being a paramedic. She says that the record producer thing didn't work out, then. Doc wanted to be a record producer? Named Monte Parker? Man, this just keeps getting better and better. Doc apologizes for being rude earlier, to make up for being rude again now. He says it was a shock seeing Beverly again. "You ever think about him?" Beverly asks, mysteriously. Doc says no. Beverly says she thinks about him every day and that she wants to go see his mother and tell her the truth. Now she's just playing the Pronoun Game. "It's been over twenty years," Doc says. "I've got a boy the same age as K.C.," Beverly says. Okay, now him has a name. Beverly goes on, sadly, saying that she's been divorced, drinks too much and can't keep a job. Are you turned on yet, Doc? She looks as if she's about to cry, and says that he, K.C., is in her head. I raise my wine glass to Khandi Alexander's fine acting. Doc, you get the backwash. Doc gets mad suddenly when Beverly asks if he'll come with her. "No," he says simply. "No." And then he walks off, leaving Beverly behind to cry.

I thought maybe I was seeing some sort of Bizarro World representation of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but instead it's just Doc doing more Ti-Cheeze. This time, it's "sa jang," or "thunder," as in "This episode makes my head ache like Thunder." Doc does some exaggerated poses and suddenly looks like Elvis in a yellow jumpsuit. Kick, punch, kick, kick, pose, parry, dodge, thrust. And release.

Middle of the night. The very lovely Dr. Morales rises from bed to find Doc sitting alone in the living room. He can't sleep. "It's three in the morning, babe," she says. Outside, it's started to snow. Do you think Doc cares? He's too busy Ti-Cheezeing his inner demons. Morales asks if Doc is okay. He says there's stuff going on at work. He doesn't want to talk about it. Morales kisses him on the shoulder, then hugs him.

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Third Watch




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