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Mama...Just killed a man...

In the ambulance, Kim asks what happens. Bobby says that Doc was playing God again. Kim asks if he was promoted to sainthood by the big guy. "Why don't you two shut up?" Doc asks. Kim asks what his problem is. "You were out of line," Bobby tells Doc, very seriously. Next to the fire truck, Alex is crying. "Happy?" she asks. "You made me cry. That was the point, right?" Doc accuses her of being in it for the adrenaline rush. Alex says that the reason she became a firefighter was because of an incident where a little boy was dying and asked her what he had done that was so wrong. It's very emotional. "What's your point?" Doc asks. "Well, what kind of person would let someone die to prove they were right?" she counters. Touché.

Lego commercials take my mind off all this heaviness.

Good lord, not more Ti-Cheeze. "Sam jang," the name of a guy I went to school with. It means "fire," as in, "Fire the script writer." A beefy guy walks in and interrupts Doc's punching and kicking. Doc tells the guy he's late. "I missed the A. I had to catch the C." Yes, you live in New York, fine. The guy says that yesterday when he was at home, Beverly Saunders came around asking about Doc. Doc is angrily beating up a dummy. The two start to spar. Doc gets his ass royally kicked, which all Third Watch characters do when they fight out of frustration and anger. The guy tries to start a conversation, but Doc cuts him off. The guy beats on Doc every time Doc tries to throw an angry blow. "You're being too aggressive, man," the guy says. "Let's just GO!" Doc yells. The guy knocks Doc down one more time and then calls it off saying that Doc is fighting angry. Doc comes at the guy from behind and it thrown onto some folding chairs. Eye of the Tiger? More like Spleen of the Donkey. The guy tells Doc to check himself and leaves the room. Doc checks himself by grunting and throwing a chair against the wall. Doc falls to the ground and starts crying.

Carlos enters the office of a middle-aged woman who is his Genetics professor. She has a stack of papers in front of her she's presumably been grading. "Where's your raw data?" she asks. Carlos whips out a messy stack of papers and gives it to her. She tells Carlos that his numbers are wrong. "No," he says, and tries to prove his point. "I can't get a D," he says. "I can give you an F," she counters. Carlos yells at her that he has to get into med school. She says that maybe med school's not for him. He yells some more and finished dejectedly with, "This is very important to me." He says please. She doesn't answer.

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