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Mama...Just killed a man...

At the station, the captain asks Doc why Alex doesn't want to do any more shifts with him. Doc gets annoyed that he was called in on his day off. The captain says his door's always open. "You're my best paramedic. I'd hate to lose you," the captain says. Are you done with your tantrums yet, Doc?

Outside on a city street. Doc has come to see K.C.'s mother. "I didn't think you'd come," Beverly says. The sweet older woman Doc was stalking answers her door. She recognizes them and asks if they've had any kids yet.

Inside, she tells them she dug out a bunch of old photos after Beverly called. They tell her that they didn't end up together. The woman expresses disbelief. Doc looks very unhappy to be there. He finds a photo of himself with K.C. on a day they skipped school to go to Coney Island. Doc looks pretty stunned. The mother says that Beverly sounded like she had something she wanted to talk about. Beverly chickens out. "No, not really," she says. She looks to Doc, who twitches and then slowly makes his way out the door. He stutters and says he has to go. "So soon?" the mother says. Beverly follows him out.

Outside, Beverly yells for Doc. "I thought you were gonna tell her!" Doc yells back that it was her idea. Beverly says the woman needs to know the truth. Doc says he won't rob the woman of her peace and her memories after everything he's already taken from her. Uh oh. I see a dark secret ahead. "It wasn't only your fault," she says. "I liked seeing two boys fight over me." Doc accuses her of making him come over, but she says he only came because he wanted to. True enough. "I can't tell her," she says, crying. "I was a coward then and I'm a coward now." She goes back inside to have tea with the woman and look at old pictures. "Maybe that's my penance," she says.

Doc meets up with Carlos later on. "You're right, I'm an idiot," Carlos says. "I got a D in Genetics." Carlos is playing the pity game. Doc says he has to get inside. Carlos tells him about the "dumpy girl" he slept with and how he couldn't go through with stealing her notes when he thought of Doc. "Me?" Doc asks. Carlos says Doc always does the right thing. "Not always," Doc says. Carlos says he felt bad about the girl and wanted to tell someone. "See you tomorrow," he says, and leaves. Saint Doc, what would we do without you?

Inside, Morales is hanging up Christmas decorations. "Ever had a moment that you'd give anything to get back?" Doc asks. Morales says it would be the moment she chose emergency medicine. Doc says he has to tell Morales something. "I killed a boy when I was fifteen," Doc begins. It was his friend. He got into a fight over Beverly. K.C. had come after him with a brick. Doc hit him and K.C. fell back and hit his head. Morales looks afraid and shocked. "When the ambulance came we lied and says he was running and tripped." What, they didn't do an autopsy or anything? Doc begins to cry. "I'd give anything to get that moment back. I go to the DoJang and try to control my temper but it's still there." No matter how many lives he saves, K.C. still stares up at him from the wet concrete. Morales comes over. She hugs Doc tightly. He cries some more.

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Third Watch




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