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Other titles for this episode include "It's all fun and games until you start dating someone's mother: The Sequel" and "Let's do the Time Warp again!"

So the show starts out with Sully and Ty's mom, who we find out is named Maggie, and they are walking in a park. Maggie tells Sully that since her husband died, she has gotten her degree and is now an assistant principal. She asks Sully about a woman that he was engaged to, and he tells her it didn't work out -- she couldn't see herself being a cop's wife. He asks Maggie if she ever thought of getting remarried, and she tells him that she is too busy with her job and taking care of her kids. She thanks him for taking Ty under his wing, and she hopes that he can talk Ty out of being a cop. She says that Ty is trying to be just like his dad, and she is afraid he will end up just like him, including being a skirt chaser. Sully tells her that he knew about her husband doing that stuff, but he didn't approve. What a stand-up guy. Maggie tells him that Ty was accepted to Fordham Law on a full scholarship and she hopes that he will go back to school.

There is a car on fire and Jimmy is hosing it down. Bosco and Yokas are telling people to move back. Bosco asks the crowd of people if they saw anything, and this young guy with Chinese symbols tattooed on his neck tells him that he saw a black guy in baggy clothes running away from the car. After the fire is out, they open the trunk and find the charred remains of a person. EEEEWWWWW! Anyone for barbecue?

So then the music starts and the credits roll, and I've been wondering why I like the beginning so much and then I realized always shows the clip of Bosco getting shot. Ah, sweet memories.

Did you know that after you have been married for four years, you can start replacing things in the house? Well, you can, and you can get all your replacement stuff at Wal-Mart.

Okay, how sacrilegious is this -- NBC showed a movie called Mary, Mother of Jesus, and the music they used in the promo is by a band that once said they were "bigger than Jesus": The Beatles' Let it Be. Is Michael Jackson so desperate for money that he is willing to sell his songs to networks so they can be used in bad TV movies?

Ty and Sully at the fire scene. Wait a minute -- Sully was just in the park with Maggie. He gets around pretty fast. Ty tells Sully that he is happy that Sully hung out with his mother, because people her age don't go out that much. They go on with some more witty age humor, yadda yadda yadda. Maybe if Maggie went out at a normal time instead of after midnight, she could meet some people her age. Anyway, they find a bracelet on the barbecued corpse that says "Gina Rosetti 1998 Douglaston High School Singles Champ." A detective wants the tattooed guy who says he saw someone to come down to the station to look at some mug shots. He asks the guy his name, and it is Jason. Jason gets nervous, especially when Sully says that he's going over to talk to some homeless men to see if they saw anything. Hmmm...I wonder what plot twist will be revealed? You know you can never trust anyone with a tattoo on his neck...

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Third Watch




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