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Kim and Bobby are walking down some sidewalk and Kim is looking in a bag. It has a "welcome back" banner in it, and she thinks that Bobby's mom would prefer a "trespassers will be shot" sign. She also finds some party hats, and asks Bobby if they are for her for when she has her weekly pity party about being a single mother with an ex-husband who never pays child support. When he bursts her bubble and tells her the stuff is for his brother's homecoming, Kim tells reminds that his brother is coming home from prison, not summer camp. Bobby tells her that his brother is staying with him, not with their mother. Kim thinks that he is making a big mistake. I'll bet anyone a dollar that Kim ends up sleeping with Bobby's brother.

Bosco and Yokas are in their car with Jason. He is very nervous and asks how long he is going to be at the station. They tell him it will take him two hours at the most. He asks if he can tell his boss that he is going to be late, and Yokas tells him that he can call from the precinct. He tells them that his boss won't believe him if he calls, and that if he goes in person and his boss sees one of them, then his boss will believe him. And hey, what a coincidence, the restaurant he works at is right across the street from where they are at that very moment! Bosco tells Yokas to cut the kid a break since he's trying to help them, so they stop, and Yokas lets him out of the car, but then she goes back into the car and sits with Bosco. Neither of them goes with Jason to the restaurant. Um, how is this kid's boss going to see Bosco or Yokas if they are sitting in a car across the street? The plot twists some more...

Meanwhile, Bosco is reading the paper, and he says that the kid whose throat was slashed got out of the hospital and was sent to a juvenile detention center. At least the writers try to mention past characters, unlike some shows where a character is on once and then you never hear from them again, ever.

Ty and Sully walk over to the homeless guys. Sully asks one of them, "How's it hanging?" and the guy answers, "Low and lonely." I didn't need to hear that. Sully asks them if they saw the fire or if they saw who started it. The low-and-lonely guy tells Sully that they got the guy who started the fire; he tells them, "That skinny mean cop put him in the car." That is a pretty good way to describe Bosco, I must say. Sully radios to Bosco and Yokas.

But it is too late! Bosco and Yokas run into the restaurant and Jason isn't there. He got away. Man! I didn't see that coming! Never in a million years! Not. One of Yokas's kids could have figured that out.

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Third Watch




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