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Bobby and Kim are at Bobby's apartment in his kitchen, throwing away anything that has alcohol in it. This reminds me of an old Family Ties episode where Tom Hanks is Uncle Someone-or-other, and he's an alcoholic, and he creeps down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and looks for alcohol, and the only thing he can find is a bottle of vanilla extract and he starts drinking that. So anyway, Kim tells Bobby that as soon as his brother gets together with his friends he is going to start drinking again.

Morales is stitching Carlos's face. Wait a minute -- last week, Carlos needed to get stitches. From the previous scenes, we can obviously tell that it isn't the same day as last week's episode. Did Carols have to sit in the ER for 24 hours before he got the stitches? No, wait another minute -- this episode is supposed to take place on a Sunday -- Carlos had to wait a WEEK to get stitches? Come on, writers! Get some consistency, for God's sack! So anyway, Carlos is acting like an overt penis boy (tm xixax) and tells Morales that women think that scars are sexy. Morales informs him that he won't have a scar, and then walks away. Have you noticed that Morales always gets the last word in and then walks away? She's not much of a conversationalist, I guess. ["Well, neither is Carlos." -- Sars] Doc tells Carlos that if Morales gets any hotter, "Her thong is going to melt." Oh, nice, Doc. Like Carlos needed any more nasty thoughts in his head. It must not be too embarrassing for Doc to have a partner that gets a chubby every time he walks into the ER. Before Carlos can blow his wad, they get a call about a man with chest pains. Carlos wants to drive again, and Doc tells him he will absolutely not let him drive.

Ty and Sully, putting parking tickets on cars. Ty asks Sully if he is going to start dating Maggie. Sully tells him that he just took a walk with Maggie and they talked, and then he tells Ty that he knows about the scholarship to Fordham. Ty asks him if his mom tried to get Sully to talk him out of being a cop. Sully tells him that he and Maggie both think he is making a big mistake. Ty asks if all they talked about was him. Sully says, "No, not really. I was too busy trying to get in your mom's pants." Ha! Just the look on Ty's face after Sully said that was priceless. But if I've told y'all once, I've told you a million times, it's all fun and games until you start talking about someone's mother. Sully tells him that he is going to see his mother socially, and Ty is all, "But you're not gonna date her, right? Right?" and Sully just stares at Ty.

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Third Watch




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