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Doc and Carlos are in the ambulance with the pregnant woman, and her contractions are getting closer. It's rush hour so they are going really really slowly, and Carlos is getting annoyed that they aren't going faster. Hey, Carlos, why don't you just get behind the wheel and plow through the traffic like last time, since that worked out so well for you?

Bosco and Yokas at the precinct; Bosco is upset that they lost Jason. As Bosco is going over how he was being nice to the bastard that locked a girl into a trunk of a car and set it on fire, another cop is trying to shut Bosco up. Of course, Bosco won't shut his cakehole and keeps yammering on about the whole horrible scene, and a couple standing behind him the whole time asks Bosco who he's talking about. Why, it's the parents of the barbecued girl! Didn't see that coming, did you? The couple wants to know if their daughter is dead, and Bosco just looks sheepish while Yokas tells them that she is very sorry. The father asks if it was Jason who killed their daughter, and then tells them that they found the daughter high and beat up at Hudson Park the week before.

Doc and Carlos finally get to the ER, and Morales is waiting for them; Doc gives her all the medical details of the pregnant woman. Hey, what ever happened to Dana? Bobby sleeps with her once, and she disappears. That's not nice. Maybe Ty and Sully can look for her, because they seem to be good at finding missing people, unlike Bosco and Yokas, who keep letting the people they have in custody go missing. But I digress. Morales asks what happened, and Carlos tells her that the woman's car got sideswiped by their bus. Morales immediately says to Carlos, "Let me guess. You were driving." She knows Carlos so well. I wonder if her thong was melting in this scene too. They bring the woman into one of the rooms, and she is delivering. Carlos and Doc watch from the doorway while the woman delivers. Morales checks the baby and tells a nurse that the baby is "too immature to survive outside the uterus." I know a lot of adults like that. As they wheel the woman out of the room, she keeps asking how her baby is. Carlos asks Morales if she is going to try to save the baby, and Morales tells him that the baby is only 22 weeks along and never had a chance. She walks away and leaves the baby on a tray. Carlos goes over to look at it. He thinks the baby moved and tells the ER people, who start giving it life support. Nice to overstep your boundaries, Carlos.

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Third Watch




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