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If your sweatshirts aren't Jerzees, they will pill up, and pigeons will think you have pieces of popcorn on your sweatshirt and will go after you and eat your sweatshirt off your body. Remember that the next time you're looking to buy a sweatshirt.

The ER people are still working on the baby. They get a heartbeat. Doc tells Carlos that they shouldn't have done anything because Morales "pronounced her." I'm assuming she pronounced her dead, unless there is some other pronunciation that I don't know about.

Bosco is annoyed with himself for acting like a jerk in front of the girl's parents. Bosco, knowing is half the battle. He decides that they should go to Hudson Park to look for Jason. Have you ever noticed that all the random information that people give these cops always pans out? Like they never get information that leads them nowhere. I wish it were that easy.

Bobby and Kim at a park. A guy has hurt his ankle falling out of a tree. Jimmy and company come over because they got a call about someone stuck in a tree. The guy's son is still in the tree. Apparently, the guy was playing football, and he looked up and saw his son in the tree, and the son won't come down.

Carlos and Doc bring in another patient to the ER, and Carlos sees that the baby is still in the ER, so he goes over to see it. Morales sees him and drills him a new asshole for going over her head about the baby. She then tells him that it is ten times worse for the parents to deal with a baby with no brain function on a breathing machine than to accept a miscarriage and move on. She tells him that she hopes he is proud of himself and then she walks off. Nice going, Carlos. You know she really wants you now.

Jimmy climbs up to the kid in the tree and asks why he is mad at his dad. The kid tells Jimmy that he only sees his dad every other Sunday, and he wants to do things he likes sometimes. This does not remind Jimmy of his relationship with his son in any way -- oh, wait, it does. Jimmy talks the kid into climbing down from the tree.

Doc and Carlos are at the bar/restaurant. Doc tells Carlos to order something special since he has had a tough day. Actually, I think it was a tough week: Carlos sat in the ER for seven days waiting to get stitches and then went out and got into an accident. Carlos tells him that he couldn't believe how Morales got all over him "for doing the right thing." Doc tells him he overstepped his boundaries. Carlos says he was "giving a damn" and that Morales was wrong and she won't admit it. It's good to see that Carlos can see many sides of a situation and is open to hearing and trying to understand other people's opinions. Doc asks Carlos whether he'll admit it if it ends up that he is wrong. Before Carlos can answer, Sully comes in to ask about the accident. Carlos gives him the details, and Sully writes it down for a report. He then tells Carlos and Doc that he has to go to the hospital to write up the woman. Sucks to be that woman!

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