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So the pot climbs down from the tree with the kid and walks over to the kettle who has a broken ankle, and calls him black. Kim asks Jimmy if he even sees the irony. Of course not, Kim, it just flew right over his head, like most clues do. Jimmy thinks he and Joey have great times together because Joey never complains. Kim wonders if he has to wait until Joey climbs up a tree before he gets a clue.

Carlos and Doc are in the ER. The baby died. The mother is wheeled out to where they are and she tells them she got a ticket for not yielding to an emergency vehicle. She asks them if her daughter was in any pain with all the tubes in her. Doc tells her the baby wasn't in any pain, and the mother gets wheeled into the room where her dead daughter is. Carlos and Doc look sad.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer shills for Maybelline, but you know as soon as that commercial shoot is over, she washes that stuff off immediately and puts on really good makeup.

Bobby and Kim are putting a lady with a walker in the bus, and Sully and Ty are there. Ty is giving a ticket to an Arabian taxi driver for running a red light. The Arab (wearing one of those stereotypical Arabian hats and speaking with a very thick accent) calls Ty "Your Majesty" and tells him that the light was yellow, and the lady was in the crosswalk so she should have gotten out of the way. Ty informs the taxi driver that yellow means "prepare to stop," not "accelerate." Sully's beeper starts beeping, and it's a phone number he doesn't know. He tells Ty the number, and it is Ty's home number! Ty has a look of horror on his face, and Sully remembers that he told Maggie to beep him when she got home, because they were going to a midnight movie. Ty gets all bent out of shape because he thinks it is a date.

Bosco and Yokas in their car, and Yokas thinks Sully was right; BBG was drunk and upset with his ex-wife, and beating on the guy wouldn't have solved anything. She also mentions that the guy was handcuffed and if Sully beat the guy up in front of everyone it would have looked worse than just getting spit in the face. Bosco comes up with his theory of "justice delayed is justice denied." Yokas puts him down for his stoopid theory of justice, and Bosco asks her if street justice is only appropriate when she thinks it is. Bosco's got her there. Before she can retort, they get a call about a location where Jason was last seen.

Doc and Carlos are sitting by their bus, and Carlos thinks it was really rough to give the woman a ticket after all that happened to her. Doc tells him that the police were covering the city's ass, and Carlos's ass. It finally dawns on Carlos that maybe he was wrong. Just this time. Morales walks outside, and Carlos walks over to her and apologizes for second-guessing her. He tells her she can file a complaint with EMS, but she declines. She tells him she never expected a heartbeat from the baby. She tells Carlos never to do that again and walks away. Carlos pops a tiny boner.

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Third Watch




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