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Bosco and Yokas are looking for Jason, and they find him. They stop the car and Bosco chases him. Yokas radios dispatch and follows them. Bosco finally catches Jason in a parking lot and starts punching Jason. He even throws a metal trash can on the guy. Ty and Sully drive up to the rumble and run over. Ty is watching Bosco beat up on Jason and is wondering if that's what he looked like when he went off on that pedophile in the ER a few weeks ago. Sully pulls Bosco off of Jason.

Kim is at the station and asks someone if her mom dropped Joey off. She finds him sleeping on Jimmy's lap while Jimmy is sitting in his lounge chair watching wrestling. Jimmy tells her that he wants to have Joey sleep over that night and the next morning he is going to take him out for pancakes before he takes him to school. Then he tells Kim that was what Joey said he wanted to do. Gee, maybe the lug can get a clue this once. No doubt he is already owing Kim more child-support money.

Bosco and Yokas are in the locker room. Yokas asks Bosco if he beat up Jason because she let Caesar get killed. He tells her the guy burned a girl to death, got away, and made him look like a fool; he knew Bosco was going to beat him. Bosco must be Mayor Giuliani's wet dream. As Bosco is leaving, Ty walks in. He tells Yokas that he thought that Bosco was going to kill that guy. Yokas gets all philosophical and tells Ty that every day you decide what kind of cop you are going to be. Um, okay.

Bobby's brother gets off a bus, and Bobby is there to pick him up. Matt asks Bobby about their mom, and Bobby tells him that she hasn't changed her mind, so Matt is going to stay at Bobby's apartment. Then they go get a steak dinner. Whatever.

Sully and Maggie walking down a street; they get to her house. He walks her to her front door. I'm surprised Ty isn't standing at the door waiting for them, and so are they. They have some small talk, and then they tell each other that they had a great time. They hug and then he leaves. Ty is standing behind the front window curtains and he breathes a sigh of relief. No, they didn't really show that, but you know that was what he was doing.

Doc and Carlos are leaving the station and going home. Wait a minute -- isn't it supposed to be, like, 2:00 AM at this point? What, are they doing overtime or something? I guess they live in a vacuum where time means nothing. So Doc asks Carlos if he wants to go get a beer, but Carlos declines. Doc reminds Carlos that what he did that day was wrong, and that he will see him tomorrow. Carlos walks to the stairs that lead to a train and he sits down on one of the steps and puts his head in his hands. Funny -- I'm doing the same thing, since I'm wondering how in the world the writers and editors got away with distorting the time continuum so drastically. Fade to black.

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Third Watch




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