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Jimmy's Mountain

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Jimmy's Mountain

Johnnie Cochran isn't around, so Cosa the cat is free to dance in the living room all she wants during the song. Heh heh, this is funny: Eddie Cibrian got duped into doing NBC's In the Beginning... and he's all dolled up and wearing lots of eyeliner. It's pretty hysterical, y'all.

Jimmy walks up as the other firefighters are arguing about REO Speedwagon (because it's extremely important in this day and age to argue about such relevant contemporary artists) and washing the trucks. Jimmy comes up talking about redneck hillbillies and gets a huge "Whoah!" greeting from his buddies. They crowd around him, and the testosterone level shoots so high that all women within a city block start growing facial hair. Somebody points out that Jimmy wasn't supposed to come back till the following week. He makes a lame joke about "CP Time," and all is forgiven. Lots of male bonding hugs.

Inside, Jimmy is referred to as "Paperwork Factory," and the guys wanna see his scar. He pulls up his shirt and shows off a nice pink puffy line going up the middle of his stomach. Ladies, is scar tissue sexy? I'm just wondering, because I'm looking into a nice, long stab wound across the lower abdomen if so. ["Depends on how you got the scar. If it's a story that starts out, 'So I got reeeeeally drunk,' it isn't sexy." -- Sars] One of the other guys pulls up his shirt and shows where he got hit by a Cadillac tail fin. Another guy shows a leg scar where he was pushed off by a girl who he was getting frisky with. What is this, Chasing Amy again? No, wait, it's Lethal Weapon 3, and they're all going to start making out with each other. Or it's Jaws and they're all about to get eaten by sharks. Jimmy undoes his pants to show off another scar, and this one isn't even one the audience can see. Just as he's doing that, a serious-looking woman is walking up the stairs behind him. The guys make jokes about it "being a big sucker" and how if it was any closer to "his boys" he'd be a soprano. No, if he was a Soprano, he'd be reading off a better script. The woman looks embarrassed and walks back down the stairs, then knocks to make her presence known. The guys stop talking, and Lt. Johnson greets the woman. Her name is Taylor. She is introduced to the rag-tag group of guys, and Jimmy is invited by the Lieutenant to show Taylor around. They're interrupted by a call on the intercom: a fire needs their attention. Jimmy takes off, and Taylor looks a little frustrated. On their way down, Jimmy asks if the woman they saw was "the Alex Taylor from 78." Ah, she's got notoriety. Jimmy is assigned as "Can Man" instead of nozzle and doesn't seem pleased about it. The boss won't hear it. Jimmy is the "Can Man." (But is he the "Can-Do Man"?)

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