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Jimmy's Mountain

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Jimmy's Mountain

In the truck, Jimmy is putting on a new set of firefighting gear. It's tight. When he tries to explain, Alex says she knows that they're new, because his old gear was the victim of a shooting. "Everyone know who you are," she says, and not happily. One of the guys asks, "Who's Wally Pipp?" He gets razzed for being a New Yorker and not knowing that. Alex and Jimmy don't look very comfortable with each other. Wally Pipp, apparently, was replaced by a rookie named Lou Gehrig, and was then never put back in the starting lineup. Ah, baseball parallels. Got it. The driver actually says, "Lock and load" as they get to the scene. Testosterone, people. Can you feel it?

Things go slow motion as they arrive at the fire. Alex and Jimmy grab medieval-looking picks. Jimmy, who is carrying the dreaded "Can," is put to the hydrant. He argues with his boss, but again, to no avail. It's hydrant duty for you, Mr. Jimmy. Jimmy rushes to the hydrant, pushes some lackey out of the way, and gets to work. Before finishing, he gets up and takes off. The lackey asks why Jimmy doesn't finish this line first before running off to start another one. Jimmy takes off, his machismo cutting a swath of destruction. Jimmy runs back to the building to help and Lou tells him to get back on assignment. He looks like a kid caught trying to put out fires in the cookie jar. Lou points out that Jimmy didn't take out the line. In slow motion (you know, this episode would be about twelve minutes long if not for all the slow motion), Jimmy starts kicking at a snag. The kink in the hose won't untangle as the firefighters need water. Jimmy works at it. Bastard. Water finally makes it. Jimmy looks up at his fellow firefighters, desperately wishing he were up there, about to get killed. He watches kids watching the other firefighters. Yeah, you wanna be a hero, we know. Fade to white. Go to commercial.

Post-fire. Oh. I need a cigarette. One firefighter got his helmet melted. The male firefighters are already bitching about Alex, saying that if they assign her to can or hydrant instead of the hose, that they'll get named in her next suit. What suit? You know, thinking that everything revolved around the hose is very phallocentric. Doc, who is standing nearby with Carlos, asks if the woman he saw was Alex. He used to work with her back when she was a paramedic and before she took the fire exam. One of the firefighters says she should have stayed a paramedic. Carlos says, "Too bad she's litigious. Girl's got a great ass." Who knew that the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was more enlightened than NBC Monday Night?

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