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Jimmy's Mountain

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Jimmy's Mountain

Back at the station, the guy who got his helmet melted calls first-shower honors. The guys joke around about not needing a helmet (lack of intelligence jokes: just one bastion of locker-room humor), and then someone else grabs his package and says the guy only does his thinking down there. Shot of Alex looking annoyed. Kim and Bobby, who are sitting around, are introduced to Alex. Kim makes noises about it being nice to have another woman around. Kim offers to show Alex to the lockers. Alex walks off and says she can find them herself. She's not the most ingratiating new firefighter to slide down the pole, let me tell ya. As Alex walks off, somebody calls out that her bunk is the last one down and that she'll know it when she sees it. After she leaves, Bobby asks if she's the Alex Taylor. Somebody mentions Jimmy, and Kim puts down her crossword to ask about him. She didn't know he was coming back early. Sensing an impending booty call, she gets up and goes upstairs to look for him. "Let the games begin," Bobby mutters.

On the rooftop, Kim finds Jimmy looking through a pamphlet. It's for a fancy inn, which she calls "hoity." Jimmy says he's up on the roof because everybody else is showering and he doesn't need to. That's right, you can't wash off bravado. Jimmy says that Brooke wants a big wedding, about 50 to 70 people. Kim laughs as if it's the greatest thing in the world, and says it sure beats the wedding buffet she and Jimmy had in Atlantic City. Meow. "That's great, Jimmy," Kim says, patting Jimmy's upper-upper thigh with the pamphlet. "Good for you." Bobby comes up and asks Jimmy how he's doing. "Never better," Jimmy answers. "Welcome home," Bobby says. This would be a love triangle if there were anything like real love going on here in any capacity. As she walks off with Bobby, Kim says, "Glad you're [sometimes on your] back [when we get our freaks on]!"

As sad, melodramatic music plays, Alex washes up in the sink in an empty room of bunks. She is wearing a sports bra, which I wouldn't mention except that you don't see a lot of the male firefighters wearing those. (Except for Firefighter Hanson, who has that unfortunate pituitary gland problem.) Alex looks back at her bunk. It's surrounded by those curtains you usually see in a hospital, and a sign reads "Keep Back, 200 ft." She's a woman, not a leper. Jeez. Her bed is by the window and in the far corner. She puts down her gear, puts her arms around her knees, and gets stoic. As she gets introspective, we get quick cuts of a guy in a house wearing no pants as Alex walks in. He doesn't look like an invited guest. Breaking her out of her memories, some guys walk in and ask her (through the curtain) if she wants to take a shower. They have a sign, one of them says, that she can flip to "female." "No thanks," she says. Why shower when you can sink-wash? Alex lies back in bed as the guys walk off, cracking jokes about nothing in particular.

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