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Jimmy's Mountain

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Jimmy's Mountain

Alex comes around the building and sees a woman trapped inside a barred window. She's tapping to try to get out. Alex calls for help on her radio. Water's still unavailable. Alex says she's not venting until they have water. Because of the Backdraft, right? Jimmy finally gets water going and then runs in to help find the kids. Bosco looks even more bitter now, because he actually is starting to agree with the woman's assessment. Jimmy warns the other firefighters about the ceiling: it's ready to crash down. Alex is still trying to get the woman out of the room. The woman breaks the window. She runs to the back of the room. Alex yells at her not to open the door. She yells again. The woman opens the door. A huge fireball rushes into the room as the woman screams. Yep. Backdraft.

Somebody throws a helmet out of a window, which it sounds like means a firefighter is down. Alex rushes in through the front of the building. From outside, Lt. Johnson tells everybody to get out of the building. Jimmy, for once, is starting to follow orders. As they're making trails, one firefighter stumbles, and the ceiling falls, pinning him. Jimmy comes back. Alex tells Jimmy to hold up the wood while she drags out the firefighter from underneath. Jimmy lifts. Alex goes under. Alex yells at Jimmy to lift higher, higher. Jimmy struggles. Another firefighter tries to get in there, but Jimmy won't let him. Alex is still yelling for "higher." Annoying baseball swing is shown. More swinging. Lots of yelling. The guy behind Jimmy is now struggling with him. Lt. Johnson is yelling. It's crazy, y'all. Jimmy finally has to be pushed aside, and the other firefighter lifts up the beam just fine. Jimmy struck out, if you haven't already gotten it. Jimmy keeps thinking about baseball. Somebody has to shake him and tell him to snap out of it and wake up. They all escape the building. Jimmy is a few bases short of a home run. Jimmy stumbles outside in slow motion. He looks like a disheveled Ben Affleck. Kids are carried out. Tinkly music plays. Everybody is doing stuff in slow motion, except Jimmy, who just stands there.

Later, at the station. Doc, as Mr. Exposition Man, asks if Roberts is okay. The ceiling fell on him, and apparently all he got was some bruised legs. Jimmy walks by. Everybody looks up and then looks away. Very uncomfortable, this place has become. Jimmy goes to Lt. Johnson's office. "I want to go home," he says. "Shift's not over. You've got six hours," Johnson says. For some reason, Johnson is trying to get Jimmy to stay. "I shouldn't be here," Jimmy says. Johnson finally relents. He tells Jimmy to call when he's ready to come back.

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