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Journey To The Himalayas

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Journey To The Himalayas

Doc brings tea to his father, but his father doesn't want it. Doc asks his father if he misses his mother because he still wears his wedding ring. His father tells him he has no reason not to wear his ring, and then asks Doc what his excuse is. Doc tells him it never seemed like the right time. His dad tells him to get on with his life. Like you did, Dad? Should he try to kill himself, then?

Kim and Bobby get to a crime scene, and Sully is there telling them that there are three gunshot victims. The owner of the liquor store got his head blown off, one robber is dead, and a third is on the passenger side of the getaway car and is still alive. Kim and Bobby get the guy out of the car and Bobby realizes he knows the guy -- it's Mikey, a friend of Matt's. Of course, anyone associated with Bobby has a "y" at the end of his name. Bobby asks Sully what happened, and Sully tells him the liquor store was stuck up and that the owner fought back and there was a shoot-out. Witnesses say the driver of the car ran off during the shoot-out. Bobby asks Mikey if Matt was involved in the shooting, but Mikey doesn't answer.

Yokas is leaving the precinct and she sees Bosco sitting in his car with a dumb look on his face. Okay, so when doesn't he have a dumb look on his face? Yokas yells to him to roll down his window, so he does and he looks all flustered, and she asks him if he wants to go get a drink. Bosco tells her he is tired and is going home, so Yokas leaves. I'm sure Fred has some alcohol at home if she wants a drink. So then we see Nicole sit up next to Bosco and ask if Yokas is gone, and then she goes back down on Bosco. Ew. Ew. Ew. I guess she "discovered" his South Pole.

Ty is in the locker room, and he opens his locker to find the "candy bag" on a shelf. He closes the locker door. What would Maggie do?

Doc is sitting in his car outside the ER. As he waits for Morales to come out, he takes off his wedding ring. Morales, whose hair is down out of a ponytail and all nicely done, comes out and sees him, and he gets out of his car and goes over to her. He offers her a ride home and she tells him, "A ride's not what I had in mind." And they start making out. Oh, I think she has a "ride" in mind, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Bobby is walking home and he finds Matt lying among the garbage bags and trash cans. Matt is mumbling, "I screwed up," and he looks drunk. He has blood on his clothing, but it isn't his blood. Bobby holds him and tells him it's okay. Fade to black.

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