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Journey To The Himalayas

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Journey To The Himalayas

Kim and Doc are still giving CPR, and Kim checks out the girl's eyes and says that they are fixed and dilated. She looks at the girl's head and noticed that the girl's skull is caved in and that there is blood and brain matter all over her hair. That wasn't there before! Can we have a little consistency, please!? Doc knows about the girl's skull and the brain matter, and Kim tells him that they should have pronounced her earlier because they have other people to help, and Doc thinks that since it's a kid, they should keep going with the CPR. Now, I'm not a doctor, so could someone tell me if it is really necessary to keep a body breathing if the person's brains are no longer in his or her head? Isn't it a big waste of time and energy, no matter how old that person is? Has Doc lost it?

Hey guys, if you're on a train and you want to pick up women, just buy a Michelob Light. They'll flock to you like moths to a flame.

Ty and Candyman, walking the beat. Candyman is eating from a bag of candy. Oh, how cute -- Candyman eating candy! Those writers are really sharp. So they make some small talk about the weather and how cold it is, and then Candyman tells Ty that he drove with Ty's dad for a while. Ty asks Candyman about Sully when he was young, and Candyman tells him that Sully's nickname was Moon Dog Sullivan because he would always moon other units when they passed by. Hey, thanks for making me visualize Sully's bare ass. I need a bigger glass of wine now to ease the pain. So some kid runs up to Candyman and does a really bad acting job as he pretends to be all happy to see Candyman and hugs him, and Candyman asks the kid if he was good in school and the kid nods and then asks for some candy, and Candyman gives him some and finally the kid runs away, and fortunately I no longer have to watch a kid that was picked off the street to fill in and do some acting, though I bet the kid's parents feel very proud. So they hear someone yelling, and they go around a corner to see a Korean woman at an ATM smacking two large black men with her pocketbook. Candyman breaks the fight up, all smooth like Barry White the whole time, and asks what happened. The lady tells him that the men were standing close to her while she was at the ATM and they were going to steal her money. Candyman tells her he'll take care of it and she leaves. Candyman then tells the two black guys, who he apparently knows, that no one likes him around there and that they should leave. They agree, and then Candyman offers them some candy. Ty is all impressed, and thinks that Candyman should have his own theme music playing while he is walking the streets, like Shaft.

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Third Watch




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