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Journey To The Himalayas

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Journey To The Himalayas

Doc and Carlos are in the ambulance, and Carlos is talking about the girl who died. Apparently Doc doesn't hear a word Carlos says, because he asks Carlos how Doc Senior looked to him. Carlos tells him his dad looked like he doesn't like being old. Doc tells Carlos that his dad told him to start worrying about his own life instead of his, and Carlos thinks it's good advice. Doc is annoyed. The truth hurts, Doc!

Sully goes to the park and finds the man and cuffs him. The man asks about the kids, and Sully tells him he hit three of them. The man tells Sully that he slid on some ice and was afraid to hit his brakes, and after he hit the kids he was afraid to stop, because he thought the people in the neighborhood would beat him or kill him since he was a black man who hurt white children.

Okay, so there is a commercial about a woman who learned to talk really really fast because she would make long-distance calls with her cell phone and didn't want to be charged too much for talking. Um, isn't that what long-distance service on your home phone is for? Why in the world would you use your cell phone to make long-distance calls when you're at home? I wonder if you can use 10-10-220 on a cell phone.

Ty and Candyman enter a bar where a woman is screaming at Matt and starts to go after him with a bat. She tells them she thinks Matt is going to kill her. Candyman blows a whistle and goes into Smooth Mode and gets everyone to calm down. They take Matt outside, and Candyman asks him who he is. He tells them his name is Matty Caffee, and Ty asks if his brother is Bobby. It's a small world after all!

Jimmy is working out at the station, and Kim tells him he has a visitor downstairs. Out of the blue, Jimmy apologizes for getting behind on child support. Kim tells him she doesn't care anymore, which is a good thing, because I was getting really sick of her constant complaining about it. Some older guy named Sam walks in to the kitchen where Jimmy is now, and Jimmy gets all flustered about him being there, and Sam tells him he wants to talk.

Doc is in the ER after bringing someone in. He see Morales and walks over to her. She tells him she has been thinking about him, and then she asks about his dad. Then she tells him that his dad is lucky he is Doc's son. Whatever. All Doc can say is that he has been thinking about her too. Sully comes over and asks Morales about the girl from the hit-and-run. She tells him the girl is still in surgery, and then she walks off. Can't this woman just stand there at the end of a scene? Does she always have to have the last word and then walk away? I really wish someone would walk away from her soon. Sully wonders if he can ask Doc something. He tells Doc that the guy who turned himself in for the accident was black, and the guy said he didn't stop because he was in the same neighborhood that a black teen got beaten to death in last year. Sully asks Doc if he thinks it's a valid excuse. Doc tells him it is a convenient excuse, but that they guy could be telling the truth.

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