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Just Another Night At The Opera

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Just Another Night At The Opera

So the show starts off at Skanky Nicole's place, and the phone is ringing while Bosco is putting on a pair of jeans and Nicole is lying naked in her bed. She finally pries her eyes away from Bosco's ass to answer the phone, and it is Mama Bosco. The two of them make plans for Mom to come to Nicole's store to shop for sexy lingerie because she has a hot date that night. Apparently Skanky Nicole and Ma Bosco have become buddies. Bosco is all upset that his mom is buying sexy underwear. Dude, we all saw what kind of a woman your mother is, Bosco -- be happy she is even wearing underwear. She looks like the kind of woman that goes commando when on a date. Bosco tells Nicole that he wants to meet her parents -- maybe even go to a ball game with her dad. Nicole tells him her parents will hate him, and Bosco is all, "Nobody hates me!" Liar liar pants on fire! So Nicole asks him to go with her and her parents to the opera that night, and he accepts. She then tells him he has to wear a tux, and Bosco isn't as excited about going to the opera as he was a minute ago.

Bobby is walking down the street and bumps into an old friend. After some small talk about their jobs, the friend tells Bobby that he saw his brother Matt panhandling at Grand Central Station. Hey, at least he isn't stealing from family members anymore!

Bosco and Yokas are going to their car, and Bosco tells her he's leaving early that night to go out on a date with Nicole, and Yokas is all, "You're actually leaving the apartment? You know you actually have to wear clothes for that." HA! I love the way Yokas talks about Bosco and Nicole's non-relationship. Bosco tells her that he is going to the opera, and that it's black tie.

Ty and Sully are checking the back seat of their car for any sort of weapons that criminals may have left in the car. Ty does his best impression of a sixteen-year-old and asks Sully if he can drive the car that day, and after some talk about learning the ropes, Sully agrees to let him drive. Maggie would be so proud!

Jimmy is waiting outside the station for Kim, and when she arrives, he tells her that he is getting married. Kim is a little shocked, and tells Jimmy that she doesn't think he and his girlfriend have dated very long, and Jimmy tells her he has dated Brooke longer than he dated Kim when they got engaged. Kim asks if he knocked Brooke up too. Hmmm, bitter much, Kim? Still in shock, she tells him that she is happy for him. Damn, Kim -- stop, drop, and roll! Your pants are on fire, you big liar!

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