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Just Another Night At The Opera

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Just Another Night At The Opera

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Carlos and Doc bring a patient into the ER and give long-lost nurse Dana the patient's stats. Carlos gets a call on his radio to make a phone call to the head of EMTs. Doc sees Morales talking to a male patient, and the man invites her to the symphony. She tells him she would love to go to the symphony, but declines his invitation. As she walks over to say hello to Doc, Carlos comes over to tell them that he has to go down to EMS headquarters, and he thinks he has been accepted for the Dignitary Protection Unit. Knowing Carlos, he hasn't been accepted into anything, except the Non-He-Man Woman-Haters Club. Raise your hand if you think this meeting at headquarters has anything to do with Vangie!

Ty and Sully do a traffic stop, and Ty walks up to the guy in his car and asks him for his license, registration, and proof of insurance. The guy tells him he left his wallet at home and it has all the information in it. Ty then smoothly asks him to step out of the car, and when the guy gets out, Ty notices the man's wallet in his back pocket, so he takes it out and looks at his license. Using his trusty Spiderman sense, Ty asks the guy why his license is suspended, and then cuffs the guy. Sully is all impressed.

Kim and Bobby are at their ambulance, and Kim is throwing supplies in the cabinets in the back of the bus while Bobby is reading the paper and ignoring her. Kim wants to have a bitch session, but Bobby is having none of it. She keeps asking if he wants to know what Jimmy did, and Bobby tells her he doesn't want to know and finally gets her to shut her yap for a brief moment. Go Bobby! You aren't the only one who finds Kim's bitching old and annoying.

Carlos and Doc arrive at EMS HQ, and they see Vangie talking to their boss. What a surprise! Not. The boss calls Carlos into his office, and he is not happy. Neither am I, because this story line is just going nowhere fast.

Bosco is in the car with Yokas, and he is reading Opera For Dummies and Yokas is making fun of him. Out of nowhere, a blue sedan almost runs into them, and a man runs up to them and tells them he was carjacked. Bosco and Yokas turn around and look for the car, find it, and with music from The Matrix in the background they chase the carjacker. They radio in to dispatch to tell them what is going on, and dispatch tells them to stop the pursuit, but Yokas keeps driving after the guy and follows him into a parking garage. They go up a few levels, and the carjacker drives his car off the side of the garage, and it falls onto a street upside-down and ignites.

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