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Just Another Night At The Opera

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Just Another Night At The Opera

Just in case you didn't know, with cellular phones you talk funny and with digital phones you talk clearly. Unless you are using an Ericsson phone, in which case you don't talk at all because you can't get a good enough signal with your phone to make or receive a call. I'm just saying. Not that I would know about that or anything.

Bosco and Yokas get to the guy in the car, and he is screaming for help because his leg is stuck. Kim and Bobby arrive and Bosco tells them what happened. Bobby crawls into the car and finds the guy's leg on fire. Bobby pulls him out of the car, and seconds later the car explodes. Bobby is a hero! As Bobby is checking out the guy's leg and starts to put him in the ambulance, Bosco cuffs the guy. Bosco, I don't think the guy is going to run away or anything -- you might want to calm down. Yokas is looking at the burning car and looks visibly upset, and Bosco asks what's wrong. Yokas tells him, "Nothing!" and walks off.

Ty and Sully are walking out of the precinct; Sully tells Ty he did a good job. Sully then runs into an old friend on the force named Bernie, and he introduces him to Ty. Bernie tells Sully to meet him at Old Mac's Place, which is a bar Sully used to frequent, because an old friend of theirs is getting married and they're celebrating that night. Sully thinks it is amusing that their friend is getting married again, and then Bernie tells him that he recently got married himself. Sully looks a little shocked, and Bernie tells Sully he can meet his new wife at the party, and then he leaves. Ty tells Sully that if Bernie can find a wife, then there is hope for him, and Sully isn't amused. Ty should just drop it with the woman-hunting for Sully and accept the fact that Sully and Maggie are going to eventually get it on. They get to their car, and Sully lets Ty keep driving.

Kim, Bobby, and Bosco are in the back of the ambulance with the carjacker. Hey, who's driving? Lundy? Bobby tells them the guy's burnt leg stinks, and Bosco thinks it smells like chicken. I didn't know chicken smelled like singed hair. Meanwhile, the guy is screaming in pain, so Bobby decides to give him morphine, but when they try to find a vein in his arm all they find are track marks. Bosco, always thinking of others, thinks it's unfair that the guy gets morphine and he gets an hour and a half of paperwork. I'll give you some morphine, Bosco. As long as I can burn half your leg off first. Kim calls in to give the ER the guy's stats, and to get permission to administer the morphine.

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