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Just Another Night At The Opera

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Just Another Night At The Opera

Bosco meets Yokas outside of the ER. Yokas tells him she lost control trying to get the carjacker and she thinks she caused the accident. Bosco tells her not to think about "what if," and that you learn from your mistakes. Then he tells her that all he's thinking about is getting to the opera on time, and she needs to drop him off at a diner so he can change and meet the car that Nicole is sending for him. Yokas tells him that he is getting hoity-toity on her. I think it is physically impossible for Bosco to get hoity, no matter who he is bedding down.

Ty and Sully are in their car, and Ty asks Sully to tell him about his father. Sully doesn't say anything, and Ty asks Sully if he was a part of what his dad did. Sully looks insulted. Well, Sully, you didn't say anything -- what else was the kid supposed to think? Ty tells Sully that they both knew that Candyman was dirty and he didn't want anything to do with him, and he didn't appreciate Sully pulling him into Candyman's dirty stuff without asking. Sully apologizes, and Ty tells him that they are partners, so there should be no more making decisions without his input. Maybe Sully was getting even with Ty for setting him up on a blind date from an Internet personals ad. Ty asks Sully where Candyman would be now, because he has a message for him, and Sully thinks Candyman is probably back on his beat. If I were Candyman, I would be making sure all traces of wrong-doing I ever did were covered up.

Vangie is waiting for Carlos outside the station, and she tells him that he doesn't have to worry about it anymore, and that it is over. Carlos wants to know what she did, but she just keeps saying that it's over. He asks her if she needs any money, and she slaps him and storms off. Now, I'm not quite sure why that was insulting. I mean, she claims she was pregnant, then says it is over. If she had an abortion or a miscarriage, she would have needed medical care, and that costs money. Carlos actually tried to do the right thing for the first time, and she is still wigging out. I really hope that is the very last time we see Vangie, but that would just make it too easy on me. I was born to be driven nuts by this show. ["Hang in there! Only one more episode!" -- Sars]

Jimmy meets Bobby outside the station, tells him he wasn't very smart for going into the car, and gives him his burned jacket. Bobby is all, "Bravery over intelligence. Something I learned from watching you." Jimmy asks if that is a compliment, and Bobby tells him it isn't. Ouch! Jimmy then asks Bobby if Kim said anything about being mad at him, and Bobby just snaps and yells, "What is this? Sweet Valley High?!" and proceeds to tell Jimmy to talk to Kim and leave him out of it. You go, boy! I think Bobby is just as annoyed with the stupid love/hate relationship between Kim and Jimmy as I am.

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