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Just Another Night At The Opera

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Just Another Night At The Opera

Bosco meets Nicole in the lobby of the theater, and Nicole introduces him to her parents. Nicole's dad tells Bosco he played golf with one of his chiefs, and Bosco tells him he doesn't know the chief Nicole's dad golfed with since he is just a street cop. Dad asks him if he plays golf, and Bosco tells him he has only played a few times with friends. Nicole and Mom lead the way to their seats, and Dad tells Bosco that he doesn't want an Osbourne woman because "they're pushy, overbearing, and controlling." Bosco tells him he thinks Nicole is great, and Dad tells him Nicole is only using him and adds, "You're the latest incarnation of 'Piss Daddy Off.'" Bosco replies by asking Dad if he wants to go to a ball game sometime. That Bosco, he really knows how to throw out those witty comments. Except for the part about being witty.

Morales meets Doc outside the ER and they start kissing. Wooooo! Doc tells her he saw her with the guy who asked her to the symphony and saw her talking to Bosco about the opera, and he had no idea she liked that kind of music. He tells her that she only seems to tell him things about herself that he can relate to, and she looks a little guilty when he says that to her. He tells her he wants to take her to the symphony, and she is happy about that. He then shows her the opera tape he bought and asks her if she has ever made love to opera. Hell, who hasn't made love while listening to Bolero? That is the ultimate sex song, and it lasts over a half-hour so you have a while to get it on with the music. Just ask Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.

As the opera is going on, you hear a man singing in Italian, and Bosco is sitting next to Nicole and she is watching him enjoying himself. No, not that way -- he is enjoying the opera. That scene fades and the music is still playing, and you see Carlos walking home (wow, the opera is going on pretty late at night, don't you think?), and he sees a children's clothing-store window and looks sad. That scene fades, and you see the Opera For Dummies book on the car seat, and Yokas picks it up and laughs to herself. That scene fades, and you see Bobby on the streets, looking for his brother.

Sully arrives at the bar and meets up with Bernie, who introduces him to his young Filipino bride. After she leaves to go to the little girl's room, Bernie tells Sully that he bought her from a mail order catalog, and that he went out to the Philippines to meet her and her family and bring her back to the US. Sully asks him if they are in love, and Bernie tells him he likes her a lot but he doesn't know how she feels about him. Sully looks a little dismayed about it all, but tells him he is happy if Bernie is happy. Bernie then offers to give Sully his catalog, but Sully declines. Good thing Ty wasn't there, or else Ty would have taken Bernie to one side and asked him for the catalog so he could order Sully a woman. Anything to keep Sully away from Maggie!

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