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Just Another Night At The Opera

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Just Another Night At The Opera

Nicole and Bosco are leaving the theater, and Bosco tells her he enjoyed the opera, and liked the story about the corrupt cop. Maybe the opera character reminded him of Candyman. Bosco then tells her about the conversation he had with her father, and Nicole admits that in the beginning she did date him to piss off her father, but now she is falling in love with him. Ew.

Jimmy comes to Kim's apartment and tells her that if she tells him not to get married, he won't get married. Kim is a little stunned, and Jimmy tells her he wants to know if there is any chance of them getting back together. Of course there is a chance, Jimmy! Kim is a glutton for punishment! Kim tells him if he has to ask, then he shouldn't get married. He tells her she is the only woman he has really loved, but he can't wait forever. Well, Jimmy, maybe if you hadn't screwed Kim's sister you wouldn't have to wait for her in the first place. But I digress. He tells her he is not good at being alone, and Kim once again looks into space and ponders. Maybe she is pondering the fact that Jimmy wasn't very good at being with a woman either, since he couldn't stay faithful to her for long after they were married. Maybe she is pondering how she is going to go to work the next day and not tell Bobby about this, since she knows he can no longer tolerate her talking about her unhealthy relationship with Jimmy. I guess we won't find out till next week, because the scene fades to black.

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