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Previously on Third Watch: Bosco told Faith that relationships are built on trust and faith. That's a little like Ed McMahon telling you that money isn't everything and that you should really cut down on the drinking. Faith, who was pregnant, thought her husband Fred was drinking again. Partly because she thought her marriage was falling apart, she decided to get an abortion. When she was badly hit while chasing a suspect, she lied to Fred and said she had a miscarriage.

Present day: Faith Yokas, in a boxing hall, punching the crap out of a heavy bag. A woman behind her asks if she competes. "Only against myself," Faith answers. Faith is the Sarah Connor of Third Watch.

On the street, Yokas is driving the police car with Bosco in tow. She asks if she should turn on the siren. He says she shouldn't. Yokas says she's going to be late. She turns on the siren. Bosco shuts it off, and it dies with a gurgle. "Dammit, Bosco!" Yokas yells, and turns it on again. He turns it off. The third time is the charm: The siren stays on and Yokas navigates through traffic.

At a school, a group of girls is receiving awards as they stand in light blue leotards. Fred -- looking, as I will always mention in every recap, like a beefy, yet rotund version of comedian/actor Larry Miller -- walks in with his son. They wave at daughter Emily. She waves back, and looks to the door to see if Faith is arriving. She isn't.

Squad car: Bosco says he doesn't know why she tells Emily she'll make it to these things while she's working. The siren is blaring. Bosco is eating a hoagie. Bosco has not yet realized that he is evil incarnate, so the world still exists in a relatively peaceful state. They screech to a halt, parking illegally in front of a building. Faith runs in to an empty gym. "It's over," Bosco says. "Fred!" Yokas yells. She realizes it's at the community center instead and her "Blame Fred" instinct takes over. They run out.

At the real award ceremony, Fred is congratulating Emily. Faith runs in and comes up behind Emily, who is giving her the cold shoulder. Faith immediately blames Fred for not telling her the event was at the community center. Faith fawns over the trophy. Emily says everybody got one, so it's not a big deal. She puts it away, not ever looking at Faith. Faith apologizes. Emily says it's okay. Yokas hisses at Fred about how could he forget to tell her. He says he did, but she wasn't listening. I'm going to go out on a limb and side with Fred on this one. Just then, Yokas and Bosco get a call on their radio. Time to go. Faith kisses her kids and starts to leave. Fred says he told her where it was. "No. You didn't," she says. Fred, shamed, looks to the floor for support. A janitor walks by and gives silent sympathy. Emily looks heartbroken.

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