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'Cuz I Gotta Have Faith

Next thing, we're seeing them round around the corner and...oh no. Bosco won. Faith stops, pushing Bosco on the shoulder. She laughs. "I kicked your ass!" Bosco yells. Faith giggles some more. She's obviously having a great time. "You won," Faith says, panting. She stares at a building across the street.

Faith comes home. The kids are awake, watching TV. Fred walks in with his Airborne Express uniform, getting ready to go to work. "Every third Saturday," he reminds Faith. Out of the blue, she asks where his AA meetings are these days. He tells her. "That's all boarded up," she counters, remembering the building from after her foot race. Uh oh. "I'm not drinkin', Faith," he says. She asks if he's been going. Big argument. "What else are you lying about?" she asks. Fred says they'll talk later. "Where's your friend?" she asks. "Who?" "Johnnie Walker." Faith says she'll find the bottle. Fred says there is no bottle. He leaves for work. She's not convinced. She comes back in and tells the kids to go to their rooms. Then she starts taking the house apart looking for the liquor. It's faith and trust, right? After getting yelled at, Emily and Charlie go to their room. Emily turns around and watches sadly from the doorway as her mom takes apart the living room.

It occurs to me during the commercial that Bosco is the kind of guy who would post his picture to

Back at the station, Faith gets handed a batch of flyers of the weenie wagger. As they're being briefed, Bosco gets asked if he wants to go home. He lifts his head, showing some nasty rash and scratch all over his formerly clear face. The ugly has transferred itself from his soul to his face. Faith, who doesn't laugh like everybody else does, asks Bosco what happened to his face. Ty says that the flowers from yesterday were poison ivy. Sully asks whether Bosco will guide his sleigh tonight. Hee. Bosco says it's "chick revenge," probably from Nicole. The recapper or the former guest star? My guess is probably both. Bosco says that women love him, even though Faith reminds him of past bad treatments of women. It is revealed that Bosco dated a flight attendant named "Funda." Good to know.

In the car, Faith still wants to stalk the escapee's old stomping grounds. "You look terrible," Bosco tells Faith, showing an example of the scab calling the wound "scarred." Bosco asks about Fred falling off the wagon. Faith says it's only a matter of time before Fred screws up. As they're driving along, Yokas spots an escapee walking into a convenience store. Because police work is easy like that.

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