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'Cuz I Gotta Have Faith

As dramatic music plays, Bosco and Yokas walk in the store with their guns drawn. Faith rounds the corner, using an overhead mirror to help her. She gets to the escapee and tells him to drop the milk he's drinking from a small carton and put his hand over his head. Hey! It's that guy! From Silence of the Lambs! The entomologist. He demands that they ask him nicely. Bosco yells. Faith yells. The guy says again for them to ask him nicely to get on the ground. Faith throws him against the refrigerator. "It was only milk!" he yells. "Sir! Will you please put your hands behind your back, sir?" Bosco asks. The man asks Bosco what happened to his face. Bosco's indignity is funny.

Outside, Yokas figures out that the guy isn't an escapee. He's a mental case who switched clothes with an escapee. The guy asks Bosco whether what's on his face is herpes. Oh, this just gets better and better. Sully and Ty are even there to laugh at that bit.

Squad car. Yokas wants to go by the water where the mental patient said he made the clothes trade. Bosco asks why she's taking it so personally. Because it's a cop drama, Bosco, that's why. Just as Bosco is blaming her marital problems for the tension, they spot some trouble.

They stop in front a building where some guy is kicking somebody on the ground. Faith comes out running and chases the guy into a building while Bosco calls for backup. Building chase. Hallway. Stairs. Elevator. More stairs. Yelling. Yokas ignores Bosco telling her to come down the stairs so they can seal the building. Bosco spots the escapee, who's wearing a do-rag on his head, and chases after him out of the building. Bosco grabs him right outside, but not before knocking someone and their boxes over. Faith catches up as Bosco is arresting the guy. Beaten again.

Home. Fred's on the couch watching TV. Faith asks whether the kids are okay. He says she scared the kids when she trashed the place. Faith brings up the bottle again. Fred says he hasn't drunk since the DUI. Oh, well, okay then, and...wha!?! Faith asks about the playoffs. He said he only had a sip. Faith, frustrated, pulls a bottle of liquor out of a brown paper sack. Oh, man. This is bad. She tells Fred to take a drink so she can throw him out for good. "Wait," he thinks, "this is a trick proposition, right?" Aloud, he asks, "Is that what this is about, getting rid of me?" Fred yells that he's not Faith's drunken, stinking, poker-losin' father, and for a minute he sounds like he's in a Spike Lee movie. We see Emily lying awake in bed as Yokas yells at Fred because he's been lying about AA and who knows what else. She further yells that she does everything. Fred says that's because she enjoys being in charge. Fred brings up the night she miscarried and how she didn't even call. He sounds genuinely hurt. She says he would have started drinking. "All right," Faith says, "There's nothing I can say to make you start drinking again, right? I didn't have a miscarriage that night. I had an abortion." Oh. My. God. Fred is stunned, as I am. He says, "You lied to me?" "Need a drink, Fred?" she asks. Oh, this is so. So. Bad. Yokas keeps egging him on to take a drink. Emily is now standing in the doorway. Fred sits down heavily and says finally, "Get out. Go." Faith is caught off-guard. She says she's not going anywhere and tells Fred to go. "Please, Daddy, don't go!" Emily cries. Fred goes to Emily and hugs her, while Faith watches, defeated.

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