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Commercial break because I need to pick up my jaw from the floor.

Gym. Faith is punching the bag. The woman from before asks if Faith wants to spar. Yokas is in the ring with her and throwing some good punches. It looks like Faith is going a little too rough. "You ready?" the woman asks. Faith swings. The woman dodges and punches Yokas in the gut. Yokas falls down and gasps. "Thanks for the workout," the woman says, and walks off. Okay, now she's the Linda Hamilton of Third Watch.

Outside. Bosco is scratching and slapping his deteriorating face. Yokas is rubbing on lip balm. Bosco says that he doesn't think the flowers were from Nicole. She's in Europe. Yay, Nicole! He thinks it might be Sheba, "a Persian chick." He says he accused her of giving him chlamydia, but it turns out Bosco gave it to her. Bosco. You are all man. He says this just as Faith is sharing her lip balm with him. Nice. Faith wants to go talk to the escapee's mother. Bosco says it's out of their jurisdiction. Faith says they should go. Bosco says no. Faith tells Bosco to get in the car. He says no again. Bosco finally gets in the car.

In the car, Bosco's face looks as if he hid under some cat litter for two weeks in a place where multiple cats live. He asks if she's always been a control freak. Yokas makes a vague comment about women being considered bitches if they're not subservient. "I never called you a bitch," Bosco says. He says Fred's a perfect match because he takes her crap. She says Fred tried to kick her out. "Go Fred!" Bosco says, clearly impressed. He asks why. Faith reveals that it's because she had an abortion without telling Fred. "What abortion?" Bosco asks. Faith tells him. Bosco stops the car. "You lied to me?" Bosco asks. That should have been the title of this episode. He can't believe it. He looks genuinely hurt. Faith says that, yeah, she lied. Bosco repeats it. "You looked me in the eye and you lied to me." Faith turns away. She's got tears coming. "Bosco?" she asks. No answer. "Bos?" Still, no answer.

At the station, Bosco gets out of the car and walks off without saying a word. As Yokas gets out, Fred comes up to her. He's carrying a bag. She asks where the kids are. They're with Fred's mom. "I want a separation," he says. When did Fred grow a pair? Yokas is shocked. She asks whether he wants to talk. He says that all she does is decide what's best for her, and then does it. Faith apologizes. Fred says that he brought her some stuff, and the car. "I'm not leaving my kids," she says. "Our kids," Fred says. Fred says that he doesn't like her being the boss and him being the screwup. Fred is rapidly becoming my hero. Yokas says that she didn't trust Fred and couldn't have told him about the abortion. "It had nothing to do with you, right?" he asks, and walks away. Faith is stunned. And speechless. At the same time. Sully comes up behind her and asks whether she's okay. She says she's fine.

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