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My cousin, who drives a truck, calls me right after this scene. "Hey, I got into a fight with my girlfriend. She says I turn up the radio too loud when we're driving." I think about it for a second. "You know, sometimes the thing that makes you a good truck driver messes you up as a person." He thinks about it for a minute, then says, "You know what? That's brilliant. Thanks. I gotta go patch things up!" Thanks, Third Watch. You just saved a relationship.

On the street, Yokas is walking along. She shows up at a building and passes by a room with a flyer on the door that says "Al-Anon Meeting." Because they're anonymous and don't want people to just walk by and see a sign. Right. Yokas looks through the window at people inside. Sad music swells.

Fred's bachelor pad. Yokas shows up. "I went to an Al-Anon meeting," she tells him. "Good for you," he replies morosely. Yokas, emotional, says that she didn't trust Fred and has trouble trusting anyone but herself. Fred looks at her blankly as she stands in the doorway. She says she doesn't trust herself anymore. "I need you," she says, her voice full of hurt. They hug. She cries. I cry. My cousin calls back:

Omar's Cousin: Hey, the advice you gave me was great and I...hey, what's wrong with you?
Omar: Faith just got back together with Fred after she lied about the abortion and went to an Al-Anon meeting.
Omar's Cousin: Oh. Yeah. Okay. I gotta go. Talk to you later.

Faith kisses Fred on the cheek. She asks whether he remembers when they first got married. Her voice is shaking. "I thought you were saving me," she says. "I liked being that guy that was saving you," Fred tells her. "You are that guy," she whispers. As they hug and cry, Emily emerges from her room. She stands watching as Faith sobs and Fred holds her, telling Yokas he loves her. A look of concern turns to a small, faint smile on the little girl's face.

Oh, man. Kleenex, please. What a fantastic bit of acting. Molly, if you're reading this, kudos. Damn. I've got tears here.

Next week: Jimmy's big wedding. Something tells me it's not going to be a smooth ceremony.

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