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So the show starts off with Yokas running into her son Charlie's room because he was spinning around and just barfed on his bed. She takes the sheets off his bed and takes his stuffed bear that has barf on it, and as she is taking the sheets to the washing machine she knocks on the bathroom door to tell Fred to hurry up because she has to get ready to go to work. Um, if she is getting ready to go to work, it must be around 2 p.m. So why is Fred home? Why is Charlie home? Where is Yokas's daughter? Where is the consistency? It is all a mystery. I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. So Yokas puts the sheets in the washer, puts the stuffed bear in the sink, and carries Charlie over to the bathroom where Fred just walked out. She goes in and finds out the hard way that Fred polluted the place. Charlie holds his nose. Like the smell of barf all over the front of his shirt was sweet-smelling?

I guess Yokas was running late, because Kim and Bobby are in the back of their ambulance already, and Kim is putting a bandage on a cut over Bobby's eye. Apparently he hurt his eye while playing racquetball with Treva. They start talking about a basketball game between NYFD and NYPD, and then they get a call about a man trapped in a machine.

Yokas cleans up barf fast, because we cut to her and Bosco are at the precinct, and Bosco has a basketball and is talking about the game that night. They join up with Sully and Ty, and Sully tells them that they will finally win the game because their secret weapon is Ty. As they walk into the roll call room, they see Candyman, who is back on the beat! They all start talking about the Camelot Cup, and then roll call starts.

A fire truck and an ambulance arrive at a non-descript building, and a middle-aged man comes out and tells them that one of his men was in a mixer cleaning it when the blades accidentally got turned on. He takes them to the machine, and there is a guy named Danny Rojas sitting in a big metal thing that looks like some sort of vat, and the blades of the mixer have cut into his legs. Jimmy checks out the machinery, and Bobby and Kim try to stop the bleeding. The fire captain asks the older man how to dismantle the machine, and the man doesn't know because it has never been dismantled, and it could take hours. Bobby tells the captain to call the EMS surgeon, because the guy will have to have his legs amputated. For some strange reason, Danny seems a little upset by this.

Cut to credits. is using the song Easy Like Sunday Morning in their new commercial. is partially owned by NBC. NBC airs Third Watch, and I have used the saying "easy like Sunday morning" in my recaps. Coincidence? I think not. I'm owed some royalties. Lionel Richie isn't the only one who needs the money.

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