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Bosco and Yokas are in their car, and Bosco is eating a Ring Ding. He tells Yokas he has a high metabolism because Skanky Nicole gives his immune system a workout. Yokas looks just about as confused as I am. I can understand how she gives his immune system a workout since I'm sure she's rife with cooties, but how that has anything to do with his metabolism or eating Ring Dings, I'll never know. So then Bosco is telling Yokas that the Camelot Cup is coming home, and then he notices that she has something in her hair. Yokas is all upset and disgusted when she realizes that she has puke in her hair, and then she tells Bosco about Charlie. Bosco is all, "I can't wait to have kids!" I can. Hey Bosco, why don't you do your future kids a favor, and don't have them to start with.

The fire department guys are cutting away parts of the machine, and they see that the guy's legs are all mangled in the parts of the machine. As I'm reaching for a barf bag, the guy asks Jimmy to save his legs. Jimmy, Bobby, and Kim start arguing about whether to take the time to take apart the machine so Danny can keep his legs but possibly bleed to death, or amputate his legs and have him live. The captain tells Kim and Bobby to wait for the surgeon to make the decision and then tells Jimmy to work on the machine until the surgeon arrives.

Bosco and Yokas are in their car on their way to the store that Skanky Nicole owns, because she wanted to give Bosco some free clothes. They go into the store and it is all cool and trendy, and Yokas feels uncomfortable because she knows she has barf in her hair. Nicole comes over to them and kisses Bosco, says hello to Yokas, and introduces them to everyone working there. Then she offers them a cappuccino and tells them to pick anything they want from a rack of clothes from a trunk show. She asks Yokas if she is a size six, and she tells Nicole that she is a size eight. Nicole tells her she is a size eight too, and I think that was pretty nice of Nicole to underestimate Yokas's size, and then actually tell Yokas her own size as well. I don't think guys would understand how cool it is, but it is. ["Word." -- Sars] Nicole shows her a cocktail dress, but Yokas tells her she has no use for a dress like that, so she shows her a pair of leather pants and sweater set. Yokas's eyes get wide. Nicole might be a cool person, but she is still a skank. ["Oh, I don't know. I think Yokas would kick ass in a pair of leather pants. Okay, I'll stop interrupting now." -- Sars]

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Third Watch




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