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The gang is at a gym and they're throwing basketballs around. Bosco has a toque on his head and looks absolutely ridiculous. Sully is wearing an orange sweatshirt and blue shorts, and honestly, he looks pretty dumpy. I'm surprised he wore something that made him look that bad. Anyway, Jimmy takes a small trophy out of his gym bag and tells Bosco that the Camelot Cup is staying with FDNY (pronounced "fidney" -- rhymes with "kidney"), and Bosco tells him he will be drinking champagne out of it. That would be fine, but it isn't a real cup -- it's a cup with a little basketball player on top, so it isn't open and you can't pour anything into it. If Bosco thought that putting a toque on his head would keep his brains from trickling out, he was wrong. Then there's some trash talk between FDNY and NYPD, and Kim comes over and takes off her jacket and reveals a sports bra. Bobby asks what she is doing, and Kim tells him she came to play. Bobby gets all bent out of shape and tells her there are no girls on the other team and she can't play against Ty. Bosco gives Ty the ball, and he shoots, and the ball slams against the backboard. Ty tells them he never said he was a good player -- I guess he was too busy being a mama's boy when he was younger. Kim is pleased with Ty's lack of skills, and she puts on a t-shirt and joins the game. Skanky Nicole arrives and gives Bosco a big kiss and rips off his side-buttoned sweats. The game starts, and Candyman starts playing rough with Ty, and they start to fight and promptly get pulled apart by everyone else. And that is all we see of the game. They talk about this godforsaken game through the whole episode, and that's it. What a waste.

Yokas arrives home still looking all sassy, and she checks on the kids and then climbs sexily into bed and starts kissing Fred. Get some, Fred! Get some!

Morales and Doc are sitting in the hallway of the hospital holding hands, and the doctor comes over to tell them something, and you can't hear what he is saying, but Doc and Morales nod and then the doctor walks away. Doc goes into his dad's room and gives his father a kiss. His father's eyes open and he smiles at Doc, and then he closes his eyes again. Doc smiles, trying to hold back his tears, until one tear falls down his cheek...and fade to black.

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Third Watch




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