Third Watch
Nature Or Nurture?

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Nature Or Nurture?

Doc and Carlos are in the ambulance, and Doc asks Carlos if he went to Vangie's house, and Carlos is all "no way!" Doc thinks that Vangie is going to think that he stood her up. Carlos has a big "whatever" face on. They park and go to help a teen gang-shooting victim. They see that he was shot in the side, and Doc remembers helping him with a gunshot wound to the calf a few weeks earlier. The kid just gives them attitude.

Kim and Bobby are taking equipment out of their ambulance, and Kim asks about Bobby's new girl Treva and mentions that "Treva" is a strange name. Bobby thinks the name Kim is just as strange, and then he starts making fun of Kim's name. Living in eighth grade again, Bobby? So they go to an old man's apartment and a woman lets them in and shows them to the man's bedroom. They check out the man and he is dehydrated, lying in his own feces, and has bedsores down to the bone. Kim asks the woman how she could let him get like that, and she tells them that she isn't his caretaker, she is just his neighbor, and that his daughters take care of him. Why in the world they even show this scene with the old man is beyond me, because it seems like they are going to start a storyline about the man and his daughters, but they don't. That's it. You never hear about the old man again. Whatever.

The naked robbers are looking at mug shot books; meanwhile, Bosco, Yokas, Sully, and Ty are spying from behind a set of stairs. Don't they have some problems to solve out on the streets? Bosco says to them that if he gets out of this he is going to...Sully completes his train of thought with "get a lobotomy?" I'm glad I'm not the only one who has run out of patience with Bosco's antics. Bosco decides that he needs to get rid of the guys' clothes and asks Yokas to help him. Sully and Ty warn her not to do it because she would be an accessory, and Bosco tells her he'll do anything if she helps him. Yokas tells him she will help him if he goes to a drug-prescribing therapist. Sully and Ty snicker, and Bosco agrees. Not that the writers will remember this scene and actually have him start therapy in the future or anything. The sketch artist walks by, and Bosco gets more angst-ridden.

Doc and Carlos are at the scene of a retaliation shooting. The victim is scared and is repeating, "I don't want to die!" Doc and Carlos try to help him, and the victim's eleven-year-old brother pulls a gun on them and tells them that if his brother dies, he'll find them. He hears sirens and runs off.

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