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Nature Or Nurture?

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Nature Or Nurture?

The victim is now in the back of the ambulance with Doc crying about not wanting to die and being scared. We find out that his name is Nathaniel, and then Nathaniel tells Doc he is sorry about his brother. They bring Nathaniel to the ER and Morales checks him out and gets him sent up for surgery.

Jimmy is at the station on the phone with his mom, and you can tell he is trying to bring up the subject of asking for money, but then his mom starts talking about how she wants the family to go to the Grand Canyon for his dad's birthday. Jimmy can't bring up the subject of another family non-payback loan, so he finishes up his call with Mom. What a swell guy, not asking for money from his parents to pay back his gambling debts. Some random fire department guy tells Jimmy that some guys came to see him, and that they will be back. Jimmy tells the guy to tell the captain that he had to take an emergency medical leave for an impacted tooth, and then he runs off. I can see why Kim was so enamored of him, what with his firm grasp of his responsibilities and his commitment to making sure they are taken care of.

Bobby and Kim are in the ambulance, and Kim gets a cell phone call from Joey's school. She needs to go to see the principal because Joey is in trouble.

Bosco and Yokas are in the car fighting about the "robbery," and Bosco tells her to pull over, so she does. He gets out and takes the bag of clothes and throws them in a dumpster. When he gets back in the car, Yokas tells him to keep a low profile and stop running off at the mouth. So, basically, he is going to get caught, because no one has been able to get him to shut up, much less have him do it on his own.

Doc and Carlos are at the ER, and Morales comes over and tells him that Nathaniel will be okay. Sully comes over and asks them about the kid who pulled a gun on them. Doc doesn't want to pursue it, but Carlos helps Sully with a description of the kid and gives him the address of the victim since it was his brother with the gun. Morales gets upset that Doc had a gun pulled on him, but Doc doesn't think it was a big deal. Carlos agrees to sign a complaint.

Kim and Bobby are waiting outside the principal's office, and Kim gets called into a really really big office that looks more like the size of classroom than an office. The principal tells her that Joey pushed two other kids off the jungle gym, and that one of them broke his arm. The mother of the unhurt boy is there, and she walks over to Kim and gives her the number of a child psychologist and then leaves with her son. Maybe Kim can give that number to Bosco. Joey goes out to sit with Bobby, and the principal tells Kim that the after-school care is hard on Joey since he is always the last one there, and that if he hurts another child he will no longer be able to stay at St. Edwards.

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