Third Watch
Nature Or Nurture?

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Nature Or Nurture?

Back in Kim's kitchen, Joey is watching an old Warner Brothers cartoon. Product placement, much? Kim asks Joey what happened at school, and he keeps saying he doesn't know, that the kids made him mad. He then asks Kim if Jimmy is going to get married to someone else because there was a lady at Jimmy's place who wanted to make breakfast like they used to do. Kim is all surprised by this, and instead of talking about relationships and people getting remarried, she spouts off, "Your mommy will always be your mommy and your daddy will always be your daddy." Why this is a shock to her, I don't know, since Jimmy told her last week that he planned on introducing Brooke to Joey. Oh, that's right. That would mean consistency in this show. Sorry, my bad.

Sully and Ty are getting out of their car, and as they are walking to the precinct, they talk about how dumb Bosco is. Take it to my bulletin boards, please! They see Doc and Carlos and tell them that they picked up a kid who might be Kenny and they want to put him in a lineup.

Bosco and Yokas are in their car, and Yokas is babbling on about regretting helping him. They see the naked robbers, now with clothes on, going into a XXX store. Yokas doesn't want to wait around for them to get off in a porno shop and demands that Bosco take her to get food.

Jimmy is at a bank trying to get money out of Joey's college fund. The bank person tells him that the bank needs Kim's signature in order to withdraw money from that account. Jimmy gets all annoyed and leaves. Yeah, Jimmy. Get pissed because you can't steal from your own son. Nice. Real nice.

Carlos goes to the lineup and sees Kenny, but he remembers what Doc said about giving kids the benefit of the doubt, so he tells the cop running the lineup that he doesn't recognize anyone. He leaves and tells Doc that he couldn't ID Kenny. They get a call, and Doc wants to stay to see Kenny, but Carlos tells him he doesn't want to do anything else for Kenny and he takes the call.

Kim goes to Jimmy at the station and tells him about Joey, and then implies that it was Jimmy's rough playing and the violent toys he gives Joey that are to blame for Joey's behavior. Jimmy is not interested in talking, and Kim yells at him for not being responsible enough, since he leaves work and has girlfriends sleep over. Jimmy tells her that he only sees Joey ten hours a week, which leaves the rest of the time for her to be the crappy parent. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Kim! Kim just looks at him real hard.

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