Third Watch
Nature Or Nurture?

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Nature Or Nurture?

Jimmy and Joey are in his car, and why Joey isn't in bed at that time of night is a mystery. Jimmy is telling Joey that he can't play wrestle with other kids like they do. As he is about to tell Joey all about placing bets and getting family members to pay for them, another car starts honking at them and pulls in front of Jimmy's car and makes them stop. Jimmy goes out to talk to them; it's Leo's goons coming to collect money or beat up Jimmy. Jimmy pulls out the "my kid is watching all of this" card, and they end up taking Jimmy's car, leaving Joey standing in the street with Jimmy holding his car seat.

Doc and Carlos are in the ambulance, and Carlos is all pissed off that Doc convinced him to try to help someone, and he tells Doc that instead of helping people all he does is hurt them. Doc feels bad.

There is a knock on Kim's door, and it's Jimmy and Joey but no car seat, and Jimmy tells Kim what happened, and of course she has a hissyfit. Jimmy listens to her, and then tells her he screwed up and promises that he is going to be a good father to Joey. Didn't he say that a few episodes ago when Joey had to spend the day with them at the station? Jimmy is such a man of his word. Except for the part about keeping his word.

Doc and Morales are in bed talking about Kenny, and Doc wonders if he really is hurting people. Doc, remember, you always hurt the ones you love. Morales tells him he is a good person, and then she snuggles up to him. You know he's gonna be good to her, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Fade to black.

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