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Kim is asleep in her ambulance while Bobby talks with Carlos about trying to get bad events out of their heads, not bringing them back to talk about. Carlos tells him he doesn't want to forget the bad events; he wants to understand why they happen. Can you explain why it took you so long to realize that Morales had no interest in you whatsoever, Carlos?

The head chef is complaining about his orange sauce being too sweet. Out of nowhere, Sully pops up behind him and suggests putting ginger ale in the sauce to take away the sweetness. Now, I can see putting ginger in a sauce, but ginger ale? I always thought ginger ale was a sweet drink, so I don't know how it will take away the sweetness of a sauce. If I haven't seen it on Food TV Network, I don't believe it! But seriously, if someone knows if this is real, tell me. The chef also doesn't believe Sully, and he blows him off.

The paramedics are sitting around again, and Doc decides to tell Carlos about "the suitcase." He and Jerry found a couple passed out in their car behind a fast-food restaurant. They were "in coitus," and Doc and Jerry figured out that they were whacked out on heroin. After they got the couple conscious again they saw them staring at a suitcase in the back of their car, so they opened up the suitcase and found the couple's dead four-year-old son folded up in it. Doc says he hopes they killed the boy before he was put in the suitcase, because they had to break his legs to get him in it. Doc then says, "Nobody noticed. Nobody saw." Then Bobby says, "Nobody noticed. Nobody saw." Yeah, Bobby. We heard Doc the first time. Carlos tells him that the nuns he grew up with would say that nobody but God saw it, then he goes off about how God lets horrible things happen to kids and he doesn't think there is a god who would do that, so he doesn't believe in God. He then asks Doc how he can believe in God, and Doc asks him how he can believe in man. Well, I would think he can believe in man because there is physical evidence of man and there isn't any physical evidence of God, and if there is a being that can control the heavens and earth, why doesn't it let itself be known, and why does it allow such atrocities to happen to people all over the world? But I could be full of shit.

Bosco and Sully are playing with tin-foiled antennas, and they have the TV on a bunch of metal food containers, and they finally get a signal. How hard is it to get a signal on a TV when you are located in the same city that the signal is coming from? ["In Manhattan, if you don't have cable, it can be quite difficult. I can't get squat without cable because I live so close to the Empire State Building. And that's one to grow on." -- Sars] Bosco starts singing his iodine-ass song, and Ty joins in. Apparently, Ty's father taught him that song too. I wonder if Ty's father and Bosco's father grew up in the same cave. So they finally get to watch some basketball game on the TV, and the next minute the Secret Service agents unplug it and take it to the pressroom because the press needs another television. Whatever. I was hoping they were going to take it away since Bosco and gang's job was to make sure the kitchen was secure, not to watch TV. Bosco and Sully and Ty get all pissy and it looks like Bosco is about to pitch a hissyfit right there.

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