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Kim and Bobby are getting ready to leave and they find Doc on his cell phone talking mushy-gushy with Morales. Doc quickly gets off the phone and they tell him that the debate is over, and Kim goes outside to tell Carlos. Bobby asks Doc how he can stand being with Carlos all day, and Doc tells him that he tries not to judge people based on their beliefs; when their shift is over, Carlos goes on to his life and Doc goes on to his own life. Bobby then tells Doc he heard that he is seeing Morales and asks if that's true. Doc tells him it is true, and then Bobby tells him that he has a new girl in his life too, and since he's been on two dates with her he thinks it is serious. So, besides that one night with Dana in the fall, and his night of passion with Kim, and then his rebound-anger-fuck with his new "girlfriend," how many times has Bobby gotten laid if he never has more than one date with a girl? I wonder if he has a large supply of hand cream at his home.

Kim and Carlos are outside looking at the stars, and they start to talk about the Big Bang theory. Isn't that how Joey was conceived? Then they realize they have a half-hour left on their shift and make plans to have pizza after their shift is over. The whole gang then gets a call about a car accident, and in the most action-packed scene of this boring episode, they all run to their respective vehicles and drive off. Fade to black, as I black out from boredom from watching the dullest episode ever.

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Third Watch




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