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Requiem For A Bantamweight

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Just Like Robert Downey Jr.

There's some funky music playing, so you know some bad stuff's gonna go down, just like it did when Carter and Lucy got stabbed on ER. Bobby is knocking on Paulie's door and yelling. Kim says that he's probably not there. Bobby bashes in the door and rushes in. He finds Paulie and grabs him, throwing him against the wall and yelling some more. "Where's my mother's stuff?" he yells. "Did you sell it?" Bobby grabs Paulie's drugs and asks whether he sold Bobby's mother's stuff to buy it. "That's my stuff," Paulie says weakly. Bobby accuses him of placing more importance on the drugs. Bobby is grabbing them threateningly, and Paulie looks worried about the fate of his sweet injectibles. "Put my stuff back down on the table," Paulie says. Bobby takes The Stuff and walks down the hall, as Paulie follows, yelling after him. Bobby goes into the dank, dark bathroom and throws the drugs into the toilet. Suddenly, Paulie is holding a gun at Bobby. He tells Bobby to give him back the drugs: "Give me my stuff." Kim, from somewhere off-screen, tells Bobby to give Paulie back the drugs. "What are you gonna do, shoot me?" Bobby asks. Paulie tells Bobby to give him the gun. Paulie shoots. Bobby gasps. "Bobby!" Kim yells. The music stops. Bobby -- a huge bloodstain on his white shirt -- trips over the toilet and falls back, gasping. His leg hands over the toilet. Paulie moves forward. Toilet's-eye view of Paulie pushing Bobby's leg aside and taking the drugs out of the bowl. He spins on Kim, who cries, "Oh, God, Bobby!" Paulie puts the gun to Kim's head and pushes her back down the hall. Kim stutters, telling him to take it easy. "Okay," she whispers. Paulie spins her around. With the gun pointed at the back of her head, Kim begs for her life. She breathes quickly. Paulie grabs a needle from the table, and then rushes off. In shock -- breathing quickly with her mouth hanging open -- Kim dazedly looks down the hall. She runs to Bobby. "Oh my God!" she screams. "Bobby, you stay with me," she says, putting her hands on his face. Instead of performing actual paramedic duties, she's hoping the power of persuasion will bring him back to life. As she continues delivering Ed Harris's lines from The Abyss, Bobby starts to slip away. Kim's voice becomes echoes. We zoom in on Bobby's closing eyes. "You stay with me, Bobby. Dammit!" we hear over the closing titles.

Is this the end of Bobby? We won't know for two weeks. See you then.

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